I have been asked not to share my true feelings about remembrance day because it might upset too many people. My real feelings about remembrance day put across in the way that I usually put my points across – candidly – would upset far too many people. It is not my intention to upset people, nor is it my intention to disrespect anyone. (Though I would like to accent the difference between disrespect and the lack of respect). As my intention is not to upset/annoy people but rather it is to be honest I will curb my delivery for this one post, and this one post only.

I would like to make it clear that what I am about to share is controversial and if you are someone who is not open-minded to alternative opinions about war, death and/or Remembrance Day I would implore you to cease reading right this second. I would also like to make it clear that what I’m about to share is not a ‘shadow’, but it my true feelings on the subject. (What I mean by this is that the shadow is a part of our personality that we possess but do not identify  with. What I’m about to share here is an aspect of my personality that I do identify with as part of my personality that I am happy with).

My Feelings About ‘The Troops’

I do not support the troops. I do not support the killing of others. While I understand there is nothing wrong with it – from universal perspective – my personal opinion is that it’s all for nothing. It’s pointless death if what you’re fighting for is peace. Fights cause fights, wars cause wars. I figured this out when I was at primary school and it shocks me that people still think war is the answer to any problem at all. For this reason I do not respect the army.

My Feelings About ‘Remembrance Day’

I feel it is sad that those during any war, who were forced to go into the army against their will, may have died as a result of it. I feel forcing people to become murderers, or the accessory to murder, is wrong. I feel that it is a horrible life to be forced, against your will, into fighting a war that you do not agree with and thus do not wish to fight in.

I do not wear a poppy around, or on, Remembrance Day because I do not respect the killing of others. If I were drafted into the army against my will I would sooner throw myself into the firing line of another humans’ gun than I would kill someone else. It’s for this reason that I don’t wear a paper poppy thingy on or around Remembrance day.

On top of all these feelings of disagreement with the naive notion of war, the other reason I don’t support remembrance day is because I feel there is no point dwelling on the past unless we seek to learn from it. And as pretty much every one who ‘celebrates’ Remembrance Day does so in order to remember those who died, as opposed to remembering that war doesn’t work and is always a stupid idea, it would seem that in this instance the past has not in fact been used as a tool for learning, and so I don’t wish to associate myself with this form of ignorance.

I Understand

I understand that many people who might read this would be people who have lost loved ones to war. I feel compassion for those who felt/feel love for people who have been lost in a war. I appreciate it’s a difficult time when a loved one dies, regardless of it’s cause.

I also understand that those who died as a result of war – excluding those who were forced into it – chose to be there, and thus chose to accept the possibility that they could very well die out there. While that was a brave choice to make for what they believed was the right reason, I appreciate that the choice was theirs and so I’m not going to get all soppy about how it’s sad that they died.

Yes, it’s sad for their family that they died. Yes it’s sad that there are people out there that still think war is a good idea. Yes it’s sad that, as a result of some people still believing war is a good idea, people keep dying. And yes it’s sad that, while the notion that it’s wrong for one person to kill another is established, it’s still acceptable for mass hordes to go and kill each other. But seeing as a lot of people still haven’t figured out that killing other humans on a large scale is not only pointless but is actually a course of action which causes more heartbreak than feelings of victory, I will not be wearing one of them paper poppy thingys this year or for any years to come.

“It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” – Albert Einstein.

In Conclusion

If war was a decent way to solve problems there would be a lot more wars and a lot less problems. It remains a fact that the only reason wars happen these days is as a distraction for something going on behind the scenes, or as a justification for the furthering of an elite parties agenda. Either way, war is a tool. I’m not gonna go into the whole truth of why these things really happen now. If you are interested I suggest you look at ‘conspiracy theories’ with an opened mind.

What is comes down to is this… If people stop joining the army, then wars will stop because there will be nobody to fight! In which case I would suggest the people who seek to further their own agenda through violence should get in a boxing ring and fight amongst themselves if their craving for violence is so strong. I would imagine this wouldn’t happen because they’re not really against each other. They just use what they see as the ‘common man’ as a pawn – a tool to further their agenda.

“Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” – Albert Einstein.

The media and the political system would have you believe that there is nothing you can do the fix the world. The media and political system would have you believe that you are “Little old me.” This is a massive lie. You are a powerful creator. You are the craftsman or craftswoman 😉 of your entire experience of this reality. Every action you choose to take has a ripple effect. Every choice you make affects so much more than you could possibly imagine.

It’s for that reason that I am not against war – but rather I am an advocate of peace. I am an advocate of personal responsibility. Feel free to disagree.

On that note…


and Andey out…


This is a picture that was taken for my music project. The concept was that it is possible to find centre among the chaos of the modern world.
This is a picture that was taken for my music project. The concept was that it is possible to find centre in and amongst the chaos of the modern world.