Upon Reflection

Okay, so I’m about to blow my previous notions of war wide open. I’m doing this because, upon reflection and after listening to a pod-cast featuring Teal Scott, it has become apparent to me that there is only one way to ever really be free of war, and that is to fall in love with it. To fall in love with it doesn’t mean that I will loose my desire for peace, far from it. To fall in love with war would be to one-hundred percent appreciate it for what it is and in doing so I would give rise to peace. This is not to say that any of the objective points I made in my previous blog on the subject are now void.

I appreciate this might seem confusing and backwards to some. The truth of life is that what we focus on grows and what we resist, persists. This is because what ever we are focusing on, whether that is negative focus or positive focus, is attracted into our experience. War is not exempt from this. Have you ever had one of those days when you really felt like you didn’t want things to go wrong, and then everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did? That is this principle in action. That is but one relatively trivial example of this.

It’s considered the norm for those in the spiritual community to oppose killing and cruelty. It’s also a common occurrence within these circles for many people to suppress aspects of themselves to maintain a certain appearance or to preserve a particular self-concept. This is something I am adept in, having done it for a lot of my life – not necessarily to maintain a spiritual appearance, but more to keep myself together and stable while maintaining a certain image of myself.  I have recently come to see the “emotional instability” I possess as a gift, it’s a blessing because it enables me to really feel into my experiences and identify the desires that any and all experiences give rise to. In noticing this, my next challenge has been paying attention to these feelings – which is a whole other can of worms! Hah! (Who has cans of worms? Anglers, I suppose. But then they usually use maggots… I wonder where that phrase came from…)

Resistance To War

Resistance to war in any form, be it my own personal resistance to it or yours, only gives rise to the possibility and opportunity for more war. When I tell people I don’t support remembrance day I get people wanting to start a war with me! Oh the irony. Thing is, that’s not even irony, it’s just so bloody obvious that it makes me laugh now because I was right in front of me and I never saw it before.

If we are in resistance to war, we are resisting some aspect of ourselves. If we don’t want war that’s because we know that there is war – if there was no war nobody would be annoyed that there is war, because there wouldn’t be any war… right? Hahah, okay I’m going to stop saying war for a bit now. It’s starting to loose it’s meaning and potency.

In order for me to fall in love with this idea of mass-conflict I’m going to have to work past my initial resistance to it. To do this I’m going to look at how strange and contradictory my beliefs are, in relation to this particular subject. I stated in my Remembrance Day blog that from universal perspective there is actually nothing wrong with murder – from universal perspective, in fact, there’s nothing wrong with anything at all. And so, for me to harbour resistance to death in anyway would be to no end. It’s an inevitable part of the cycle of life. How it comes about is ultimately inconsequential.

What Death Means To Me

To die is to return to Source. Death is the reunification with all that is, no boundaries, no limitations and no resistance. When we die our ‘essence’ (which is really just the focus of our ‘source stream’, or consciousness) withdraws from this physical reality and returns to it’s state of oneness. That is how it would appear from the physical dimension if we were to be able to observe it.

When we look at death in this way, it’s really quite a beautiful thing. It’s more of a release than it is the obliteration of all that we feel makes us unique. I suppose that’s why it’s called the “grand release.” In understanding this we can see that death is not the obliteration of all that we are, but rather it is the obliteration of all that appears to separate us from the ‘other’. From this understanding, it is no wonder we find it so sad.

The reason death is a sad thing for us is because what changes when we ‘die’ is our bodies cease to do what we are most familiar with them doing (this is because we withdraw from the vehicle – for lack of a better term), and our ego ceases to be. And so, it seems we have found the seat of sadness when it comes to death.

Why are we sad when a loved one dies? Because we aren’t able to be around them any longer. We are only sad they are ‘going’ because of our own interest in them remaining in the physical dimension. There’s nothing wrong with that, selfishness is not a bad thing. Selfishness makes perfect sense. We experience the world from a singular perspective and so it’s only natural that we would have the most attachment to that singular perspective. If a loved one is in so much pain that the best thing for them is to die, often we are still sad about them dying even though that’s the best option they have. Why? Because it hurts us to see them go. Once again, there is nothing wrong with this. In fact this feeling is a beautiful thing.

We are sad when we see death on a large scale, most likely, because it reminds us how fragile the illusion of separateness (or what we call, ‘life’) really is.

Why are we sad when we find out we might die? What it comes down to is that we fear not having our unique, individual perspective. And that fear comes from the ego. Being that the ego’s primary role is the preservation of the illusion of separateness there is nothing scarier then the certain destruction of that illusion. Of course there are all sorts of other layers to this.

If we find out we might die sooner than we thought we would, we end up with a ‘bucket list’. A Bucket List is essentially a collection of things you’d like to experience from your individual, unique, singular perspective before you give it up in favour of the oneness that is the underlying nature of this universe. Of course we always opt into another life and incarnate again into another human projection with another experience and another perspective, but each one is unique. I feel like we know this on some level where ever we are on our spiritual journey and our ego recognises what a waste it would be to give up this perspective without having experiences as much as it can.

The Truth About War And It’s Benefits

War is, ultimately, the fulfilment of a ‘pre-life contract’ to be the herald of as much expansion as possible. Something Teal said in the pod-cast I was listening to was that people like Hitler have done this world a larger service when it comes to expansion that people like Ghandi or Mother Teresa. Of course Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Jesus have all benefited the evolution of humanity and it’s consciousness greatly too, but people like Hitler have done so in a very courageous way.

When something like the ‘Second World War’ happens every negative factor gives rise to an equally potent desire within everyone who observes it. The withdrawal of freedom gives rise to the desire for freedom. Ultimately they are the same vibration and so they attract the same energy. Resistance to freedom (from Hitler) gives rise to freedom. For this reason what Obama, Bush, Blair, Cameron and all the other terrorists which hide behind thinly veiled lies, are doing or have done is actually tremendously beneficial for the human species.

It’s a distinct possibility that this new harmonious, loving world that so many of us desire (as a result of the opposite experience – thank you very much fascist dictators) will come on the heels of the total and utter annihilation of the world we know now. I’m going to do my best to not contribute to the suffering worldwide because I don’t desire to play THAT role. I feel this way most probably because I’ve played the role of the fascist dictator before in a previous life – and also I was herald of a lot suffering earlier in this life as is detailed in my first post on this blog. But that’s the nature of the process of expansion. We have a negative experience and it gives rise to a positive one.

So, What Are The Actual Benefits Of War..?

  • It provides those who are content with dying for ‘their country’ an opportunity to do so,
  • It allows those who don’t die the opportunity to discharge their aggression in a relatively constructive manner in a course of action which is approved by the society in which we live – the only repercussions of this particular course of action are that they could potentially die as a result of it, they would most probably suffer from PTSD as a result of it, and they will most likely end up poor once they opt out of fighting in the war (all of these consequences give rise to desires which could be fulfilled in that life or their next),
  • It provides some people with a sense of purpose or direction,
  • It will all ultimately pan out in a way that will show the people of the world the true nature of the people they have allowed to “govern” the world on which they live.
  • And most importantly, it helps other people to cultivate the desire for peace!

Reminding myself of all of these things will help me to really release resistance to war.

In Conclusion

In order fully release resistance to the idea of war occurring we must fall in love with it. This is the same with anything. Once we have made our peace (little pun) with either outcome transpiring then we have an easy choice of focus with no resistance. So, in order for me to truly cultivate peace within me I must release my resistance to war within myself. This, by extension, would make it easier to release resistance to the concept of external war. Of course this blog as been more about the concept of external war, and it has been incredibly useful.

When I hear of war I will remind myself of the above list of benefits. Over the next few days (or at some point very soon) I will work on releasing my resistance to internal war and this will enable me to really one-hundred percent cultivate internal peace.


I hope this has been of value to you!

You’re amazing! Thanks for staying present with me during this!

Namaste is the path that is the way!

Andey out! xxx

Me playing catch with my little sister in a church in Exmoor while my Pop (whom I loved dearly, who used to be in the army) stands in the background on the podium pretending to give a sermon. Aren't we just a brilliant family?!
Me playing catch with my little sister in a church in All Saints Church in Selworthy, Exmoor while my Pop (who used to be in the army and whom I loved dearly) stands in the background on the podium pretending to give a sermon. Aren’t we just a brilliant family?!