Yesterday I underwent a past life regression hypnosis which I found on the internet. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. I wanted to share the information I gained during the session with you today.

How Past Life Regression Works

As you most probably know, our consciousness (our essence) streams into the third dimension and by extension creates our experience of reality. It’s that very stream of source energy focused into a singular perspective that has manifested us and our entire reality as we know it. This focusing of energy is what enables us to experience reality from a subjective viewpoint. This is why we experience life from a singular perspective instead of experiencing it from several perspectives, or from an objective, non-physical perspective.

How past life regression works is through the setting aside of our own personal identity for a time. We do this via a deep meditative trance during which we open ourselves up to the possibility of accessing information present within the Akashic Records. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Akashic Records, I’ll explain it a little now. The Akashic Records is a multi-dimensional archive of data, for lack of better terms. The best way to explain it from a third-dimensional perspective is that it is a non-physical, multi-dimensional library containing infinite information.It holds all information of everything that ever was, currently is and ever could be. This information is incredibly useful for many reasons.

In order to receive information on a past life we must essentially withdraw the majority of our source stream from our body for a time and guide it elsewhere. During past life regression hypnosis, or meditation, we often allow a third party – usually a trained hypnotherapist – to suggest templates of mental constructs which our consciousness then uses to ‘fill in the blanks.’

I was always a bit sceptical of this sort of practice, and I had always been wary of hypnosis. Yesterday, I decided that the worst that could happen wouldn’t be that bad, and so I threw caution to the wind and gave it a go.

My Experience

Once I had reached a state of deep physical relaxation and my body had ‘switched itself off’, I was aware that the time in which an illusive mystery would present itself to me was drawing very close. Upon this realisation I became nervous for a moment and then a deep sense of fear set in. I did not associate with the fear, it was like it wasn’t me who was scared, but another me. I took note of this fear and accepted it as a warning. Once I had accepted it, it disappeared.

I travelled through the realms of my consciousness to a white staircase which cascaded downwards in front of me. At the end of the staircase was a large white door.

The Story I Came Back With

I’ll share the story of one of my past lives with you in a moment, but first I wanted to explain the nature of the information I received. Many people receive this sort of information in different ways. Some say it’s a feeling, some say it’s an image, some say it comes with physical sensations and some say it’s a mix of all of these. For me, it was a mix of all of these – it was a vision of sorts.

During this session I learned that I lived in China. The information such as dates and names were confused and fuzzy. But the visions themselves were intensely vivid. I’ll share with you first the fuzzy information like dates and names. My name was Xiang Lu. I lived during the 1300s. The dates I received, as I said were confused, but from what I could make from it the most significant years in my past life were 1330, 1367 and 1390. I’m not adamant that this name or these dates are 100% correct. My feeling is that they were confused.

I am yet to confirm any of these details in conjunction with one another. However, the details of the story do point to, and thus reinforce, this time period being the right one. That said, the nature of my incarnation in this life was one which would be difficult to verify. You will see why in a moment.

My Past Life In China

I was in China, but I was not Chinese. As a young boy my parents were killed by slavers. Myself and my non-identical twin brother were captured by these slavers and put into slavery until the age of 12. When I was 12 I was rescued by a warrior/knight who, for some reason which is currently a mystery to me, only rescued me. My brother was left behind.

Being bound at the wrists and ankles and trapped inside a shack of some description was the first proper, vivid vision I had, the vision concluded with the door bursting open, my binds being cut and then being dragged away by this warrior while screaming for my brother. I remember my brothers face as I was hauled away.

The second vision I received was when I was aged 21. I returned to the slavers camp to rescue by brother, but upon returning I learned he had been killed due to extensive torture. I was angered by this to the point where I killed the slaver in cold blood and fled. I have a vision of slitting his throat.

The next vision I got was one in which I was about 37, I was living set apart from society, up on a hill in a forest. I had a wife and two children. When the guide of the hypnosis prompted a memory of the profession I had taken up, I got a very real feeling of a pen of some description in my hand. I had a feeling I was an artist or scholar of some sort. A tattoo artist was the first feeling I had. Whatever the profession was, I definitely used a pen or a quill.

The penultimate vision I received was of one of the most pivotal points in that life. I was standing in a field of crops and I was shot by an arrow in the back of my calf. I learned that I had been tracked down by the associates of the slaver I had killed in cold blood years earlier. Once I had been shot in the leg I managed to escape to a safe enough place in which I could tend to my wound. I then fled the country in fear for my life.

The final vision I received was on in which I was in my old age and I had reached Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England. (This is a place that I resonate with immensely in this life. I have been there several times and although I have been able to centre myself there, I always feel a sense of unrest amongst the calming energies. I attempted to meditate at the Well on my last visit and didn’t have too much luck clearing my mind)

In my past life, when I arrived near the Well, I had grown weary of running for my life. I conceded defeat, accepted my fate and made my peace with dying. I awaited the harbingers of my death, and they came in large numbers. I was vastly outnumbered and was killed on sight. The final vision concludes with the knowledge that I died surrounded by stone.

In Conclusion

This is all very dark, I know. It’s interesting to know about, especially when it’s coupled with the fact that freedom has been something which I have strived for, for the entirety of life. Of course, this sort of thing is always best to be taken with a pinch of salt. There’s no need to get all morbid about it.

I’ve found a reason to celebrate here really (not that we really need a reason to celebrate!) because the visions were so vivid that I now know that I am able to open up to the Akashic Records and receive information in this way – through visions.

Anyway, I think that successfully concludes one of the more controversial blog entries I have written. I hope this was as interesting for you to read as it was for me to experience.

Please leave any insights, comments, thoughts and intuitive messages in the comments section!

You’re amazing! Thank you once again for reading!


Andey Out! xxx


P.S: Here is my video blog from when we went to Glastonbury last time… I was less good at video editing then, the camera wasn’t the best and I was a bit more nervous in-front of the camera back then too… But I’m sure you can appreciate the sentiment!

As you can see in the video, I went to Chalice Well with the intention of meditating but couldn’t clear my mind once we were there. I spent a few minutes tuning myself in with the energy between the two large trees there, but  didn’t stay there long.