I was just in a deep relaxation meditation. I went into the meditation with the intention of going out of body. My aim was to go up to space and look down on Earth for some perspective. After about 45 minutes in a deep meditation I achieved this.

I glided around looking down on earth. I then had a few flashes from my subconscious, remembered my body and landed back into it hard. I’m still recovering from the return to my body. It was so intense it shook me, physically, in quite a big way. It was quite an amazing experience, to be out of body and to see the Earth from an outside perspective. I highly recommend it.

I just stood up for the first time since returning to my body from this adventure and my feet ache. I’m told that’s a regular side-effect of slamming back into your body too fast. Being that it’s only perhaps my second or third time that I have consciously projected myself astrally from a waking state, this is not something I’m upset about.

I feel invigorated, very much alive, more alert and like I have a wealth of knowledge I have gained from just that short excursion which lasted all of about 2 minutes–physical time. The knowledge, which is more feeling based than information, is something which will assimilate itself into my understanding over the coming month, or so. This is a message I have just received.

I’m not usually somebody who receives ‘messages’ from other beings, or at least I don’t usually notice that they are messages. This time I have. Perhaps this is part of this new knowledge. We will see.

This Adventure

Here is the best written translation I can muster at this time of what I experience while I was out of body…

As I found my place among the energy which rests in the observers position, not among the stars, but not of the Earth, I felt a great sense of calm wash over me. As I bathed in the Earth-Light it became ever so clear, more so than it already was to me, that life is the bright burning of a fire which expresses itself as one flame on one candle for a moment, glowing brightly and then diffusing itself so readily, so calmly, peacefully and with acceptance. Life is always ready for the change that is. The fire is eternal, but the flame is temporary. There is always the smouldering energy which expresses itself in any and every form. The flame exists when this expression is one of life.

I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this new perspective. I noticed the Earth did not appear as I thought it would from this perspective. There were no borders between countries. No boundaries between land and sea. Everything was one, everything is one, and it just is. That is perfect.

It became intensely clear to me that I–as a stream of Source energy which has chosen to take the majority of it’s focus out of it’s body and project it to an observers perspective watching over the Earth–was not alone here. There were others doing the same as me. I could see them as translucent balls of silver light, bursting with energy.

As I remembered myself and my body I crashed back into my physical experience with a smash. My whole body shook and I was very much awake again. I took a sip of water and took to my notepad to draw, as best I could, a picture of where I had just been. I decided to add a representation of what I felt I was, while in this state.

this is what I saw while out of body, with the obvious addition of how I imagine I look in non-physical form. I didn't have a near see-through silver coloured pen, so I used yellow.
this is what I saw while out of body, with the obvious addition of how I imagine I look in non-physical form. I didn’t have a near see-through silver coloured pencil, so I used yellow.

At a later date I’ll do an entry on the dream world, lucid dreaming, astral projection, what happen when we go out of body and why and how it can be so valuable/beneficial for us. In the meantime, if this is something you’re interested in trying. There are a vast amount of guided meditations for OBEs on YouTube. Try and few, and find the one which resonates with you most. And ALWAYS have some water nearby for when you come back into your body. Water does a good job of grounding you and helping you to settle back into your body more quickly and enables you to adjust more readily back into ‘waking life’

Question is are we, ‘sleepwaking through our waking state?’ Are we ‘wake-walking through our dreaming state?’, or are we fully experiencing which ever we are present within? Have fun with that one! đŸ˜‰

For now, I’m going to start making some dinner!

You’re amazing! You are life! And that is PERFECT!

Namaste, and up, up and away!

Andey Out! xxx