Here’s One For The Lads

I have noticed recently that there are a hell of a lot of female energy healers and the like. This is great to see, but I find myself asking, “Why so many females, and so few males?” Not that it matters all that much, of course. It’s a good thing that there are energy healers, regardless of their gender. That said, I am curious as to why there are so few male energy healers. Perhaps it’s something to do with the lack of information available to men who want to know how to effectively channel their energetic essence into healing techniques.

So today, for free, I’m gonna tell you how I do this and how you can learn to do it too. Of course to a certain extent it’s instinctual, so I’m not going to be able to write every little step down, but I’m going to do my best to explain how I got started with being able to do this most effectively and how you can start healing your own physical pain and the physical pain of others.

It’s important to note that none of this will work if it’s practised with resistance. If you ‘try it out’ with a sceptical mindset you will find that it doesn’t work. The law of attraction provides you with what you are looking for, after all. And a sceptic is looking to disprove, and so there will be an energy block within you. So do this with an opened mind. Also, if you are to practising this with someone else as your guinea pig, nothing will go wrong. There is no “bad” energy in the universe, just different vibrations. If someone is not a match to the vibration you are emitting, the vibration will not be around you for very long. Either they will leave or their vibration will shift.

If someone is keen for your help them then it will be possible to help them, if they are not interested in it, there is less of a chance you will be able to make a difference, at least until you are more adept at this. Once you have reached a level at which this technique is second nature to you it will be possible for you to emit a field of healing energy which will heal all those around you who are free of resistance and in a state of allowing.

The Technique

Step #1 – Intensify Your Energetic Pulses: I have always been able to heal others with intention and energy in the way that I will explain to you in a moment, but recently it has become a lot easier due to a technique that I learned from Tyler AKA The Atlantis King during a Google Hangout we had together. If, when you orgasm, you send the energy up your spine instead of out of the end of your penis, you are provided with a great deal more energy which stays around for longer. It should be noted that it takes an hour or two for this energy to return (if you orgasm once or twice every few days – otherwise it takes longer, proportionate to how often you orgasm. If you orgasm once a year, it may take a few days for your pizazz to return, hahah.

toroidal breathing

If you do this every time you orgasm you will generate quite an intense energy build-up within you. If you then couple this practice with a breathing technique which resembles a toroidal field you will essentially create an energetic current within you which would appear, visually, as an Ankh.

The energy flows in through your root chakra, runs up to your crown, then loops back around. A third of your energy loops back round in the toroidal field to your root chakra, the another third loops around to your heart chakra and the final third runs to your hands.

Not only does this breathing technique make the orgasm become a full body orgasm (yeah, like a good female orgasm) which is ten times more intense than a regular orgasm… It also really opens up the channels in your body for the energy to flow into your hands more readily. This is about the most useful thing for energy work/healing.

Step Two – Utilizing The Pulses: You will notice, after your Tantra_pranahave practised this for a month or two, that you will get periodic energetic pulses which run through-out your body. These pulses often come when you are feeling happy, excited, relaxed or in any positive emotional state. Negative emotion is resistance and so natural it will block these pulses.

If you find yourself aroused in day-to-day life, which a lot of men do… instead of trying to ignore it, or nipping off for a cheeky wank as I know some guys like to, breath into it. Allow the energy to fill your body, then move into the toroidal breathing pattern and send the energy up your chakras and loop it back in to your body. This sexual energy we are dealing with here is Tantric energy and it’s an incredibly powerful energy.

Once you’ve been practising this manipulation of your Tantric energy for a month or two, you will begin to notice exactly what experiences/thoughts/emotions make it easier for you to receive these bursts or pulses of energy. Once you have been able to observe what is happening as you experience these energy pulses, you can begin to access the feeling space in which they are possible more easily.

For example, if you are happy when you have these energy pulses, then you can access the feeling space of happiness (as a result of having experienced it, you will now be able to tap into that feeling from your memory of it). Once you have tapped into the feeling space, the pulses will come. Once you are in the feeling space and are experiencing the pulses you can then guide that energy to your hands. You can do this with your intention, just visualise the energy pulsating up from your root chakra like before. See it form the Ankh formation.

Please Note: It’s beneficial to spend some time meditating before and after practising energy healing. Before to open your chakras to allow the energy to flow more freely, and after to ground your energy and transmute any discordant energy.

Step #3 – Road Test: The technique in the previous step can be used sort of ritualistically from your starting point to access how it feels to pull and push energy through and out of your body. Once you have accessed that feeling space it is possible to do it without quite as much visualisation, instead by just guiding the flow of energy with your intention.

When you are healing pain in your own body, once you have access to the feeling space necessary to do energy healing, it is possible to just visualise the area which is in pain in your mind (usually, for me, it will appear inflamed with the colour red) and then send your white, glowing healing energy there to transmute it. When you are healing others this sort of visualisation is beneficial also.

Step #4 – Applying Your Healing Energy: It is possible to heal others from a distance, without touching, as all energy exists in a different dimension which is not bound by space or time like this one is. It is also possible to heal by touching others. You are better off using the method which you feel more comfortable and confident with, your faith in your ability is what will enable you to achieve. Get it, little chi joke? 😛

Sort of Step #5 – Focusing Energy Into Building Your Energetic Sensitivities: If you are interested in intensifying your energetic sensitivity there is something you can do which I have done periodically through-out my life. Doing this has affected me in many ways, for some people the effects might not be seen as positive, but I enjoy it. That said, this technique can be done with any intention, I choose to do it with the intention to increase my energetic sensitivity.

What you’ll want to do is spend a good 20 minutes meditating, really get yourself into a high vibrational state. Then, without moving the rest of your body lift your hands and build a psi-ball between them. (A psi-ball is like a ball of energy). The GIF image to the right does a good job of representing it visually. The ball is felt more than seen, but if you have the ability to see energy – which can be learned/developed, I am doing this at the moment – then you will be able to see it too.

Once you have the psi-ball feeling nice and strong between your hands charge it with your intention. For me this is, “I am sensitive to energies,” or, “Intense energetic sensitivity is coming to me.”

Once it is charged with your intention guide the ball to your heart chakra, push your hand down onto your chest and send the energy into your physical body. Then rest there and allow the energy to assimilate itself into your being. Perhaps meditate for a further 10-15 minutes and then open your eyes and road test your newly intensified abilities!

In Conclusion

I really hope this is helpful for you! I hope you are able to begin conscious energy healing from this day on – the truth is we are always healing when we are kind, loving or similar, but with these steps you can begin to consciously heal physical pain with your intention!

You’re amazing! I love you!

Andey Out! xxx

Here's a picture of me, channeling my chi. Lol, joking, not really. This is me a few years back, having just woken up while in a caravan on holiday with some friends.
Here’s a picture of me, channeling my chi. Lol, joking, not really. This is me a few years back, having just woken up while in a caravan on holiday with some friends. This is me at my most sexy.