I have just come out of another deep meditation and I wanted to share some insights with you, as well as what life is like for me… Here you go!

Post-Meditation Ideas

Right now, today, is the time to release that resistant grip you have on the way things “should” be. Today is the day to, as a good friend of mine says, stop “shoulding all over yourself.” Today is the day to finally let go of who you think you are and who you think you should be. Today is the day to let go of where you think you are, and where you think you should be. If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.

Right now, today, it’s time to accept who you are, and where you are. Allow it to be what it is. Allow yourself to be who you are. Stop trying to change things, stop trying to make yourself be something you’re not, and finally surrender to the flow of where you have been carrying yourself all of this time.

Right here, today, is where you have guided yourself. Where you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be, and that, my friend, is absolute perfection. Who you are is the perfect version of you. Where you are is the perfect place for you to be right now. If it wasn’t perfect, it wouldn’t be. There is nothing in existence that is wrong. There is nothing in this reality that is not the perfect place for it to be right now.

Do you want to know how I know this?

I know this because everything that exists, exists where it does, in the way that it does because it was been attracted to be in the way by the vibrational frequency of that which surrounds it. We are all the metal and the magnet. We are the wave and the driftwood. Everything that exists is attracted and attracting. Everything you experience, you experience as a result of your vibrational frequency. There is no other way.

This is why science keeps finding contradictory results. This is why every religion swears they are right. In truth, nobody is right, and nobody is wrong. The notion of right and wrong is the result of what we call ‘vertical thinking’. When someone is entertaining a thought which places themselves, mentally, in a position that is perceivably vertical in relation to another thought or idea, this is vertical thinking. For example, if somebody is feeling guilty they are placing their own needs in a place of less importance than that of others, in other words, they are thinking vertically. Vertical thinking is the cause of a lot of heartache, pain and all around suffering.

The truth is the idea of verticality is an illusion. There is no such this as less or more right and there is no such thing as less or more wrong. There is no less or more important. There is no less or more good or bad. No better or worse. Everything just… is. Everything is equal. When we understand this equality of all concepts, ideas, beings, notions and the like… THEN we understand the true nature of verticality. We then understand that is an illusion. Another part of the elaborate phantasm in which we live. The elaborate phantasm that we have manifested for ourselves.

When we can harness the value of horizontal thinking. That is, to understand that all things are equal then we will have come to understand the true nature of all things. And of course, this too is not right nor is it wrong. It just is. Some may see it as wrong, and some may see it as right. Everything is subjective, and that’s perfect.

What The World Is Like When You’re Me

I wanted to share some insight into what life is like when you’re me. Some of you might have been me before and so you will know that it’s fun. It goes without saying that many of you are like me. In order to understand what it is like for me, I will write a list of the things I see in me which enable me to fully enjoy life in the way that I do.

This list will be a gift for anybody who reads it. For some people it will be a gift because it provides them with the necessary conditions to feel frustrated, some people go looking for this feeling. For others, it will be a gift because it will be what you have been looking for in order to feel part of something or as though you’re ‘not the only one.’ We will see. For what ever reason this will benefit you, I am glad that it will. After all, you would not be here reading this if you did not seek some benefit for doing so.

Without any further commotion, here is the list of skills/talents/abilities which I possess. You possess them too, when you allow yourself to. So, I suppose, rather than a list of skills I possess, it might be more accurate to say that I am writing a list of skills which humans possess but refrain from allowing themselves to utilise these abilities due to limiting beliefs. Anyway, here we go. Here is a list of some the human abilities I have unlocked on my journey so far…

  • We can learn any new skill (pertaining physical skills i.e. musical instruments, martial arts, other art forms and so on) given enough time to overcome any obvious physical barriers.
  • We can see, with our eyes, the subtle energies which make up this reality.
  • We can remember anything¬†impeccably that we deem important enough to.
  • We can ‘feel’ the subtle energies of this reality.
  • We can leave our bodies for any length of time and go anywhere. Literally, anywhere. “Real”, or “imaginary.” There are no limits.
  • We can tell if somebody is lying just by looking at them.
  • We can tell what somebody is thinking just by looking at them.
  • We can tell how somebody is feeling just by looking at them.
  • We can “download” any information from an infinite source or ‘library of information’ which is sometimes called the Akashic Records.
  • We can predict the future. (The future is a result of the vibrational frequency we hold, and so when we understand the implications of any given vibration this becomes second nature).
  • We can heal physical pain of another by touching the affected area.
  • We can heal our own physical pain with our intention.
  • We can withdraw our focus from our physical body just enough to be immune to pain. This causes the body to feel sort of numb.
  • We can see the energetic field (aura) of another.
  • We can expand our field of awareness beyond our immediate environment and ‘sense’ the vibration of anything and everything within that expanded field of awareness.
  • We can “alter the matrix” with our intention. An example of this is that we can adjust our skill level in various areas.
  • We can ‘sense’ the presence of non-physical entities.
  • We can know anything without any real way of knowing it.
  • We can channel the consciousness of non-physical entities through our bodies.

What abilities do you possess? Share them in the comments!

You’re amazing!


Andey Out! xxx