I think I’m going to be doing regular I Ching readings for myself now. Each time I feel a little lost or unsure of my direction I will be consulting the oracle that is the I Ching. I find it amazing and another wonderful example of how everything that exists is attracted & is attracting. Today I got a moving line in my reading. A moving line refers you to aspects of two different hexagrams. Hexagrams are what hold the answers.

Today the hexagrams that came up for me were “Keeping Still” & “Removing Decay.” Each hexagram is made up of two trigrams. Keeping Still is made up of two of the same trigrams which symbolise a mountain. Removing Decay is made up of a mountain symbol on the top and a wind symbol on the bottom.

The Mountain resembles keeping still, hence why two of these trigrams creates a hexagram which is called Keeping Still! The Wind resembles gentleness.

Keeping Still – 52

“By keeping the mouth still one’s words have order: remorse passes.”

“If one is in a dangerous situation, especially if one is not adequate to it, one is inclined to be very free with talk and presumptuous jokes. Injudicious speech invariably gives cause for remorse. Be reserved in speech: let it take ever more definite form: let every occasion for regret vanish.”

Keeping Still. Ken & Ken. Mountain & Mountain.
Keeping Still. Ken & Ken. Mountain & Mountain.

I always find that when I am around more than about four people I tend to loose myself in the midst of all the energy, excitement and what you could call chaos.  This past weekend I was quick off the mark with reactions, and although my responses weren’t altogether that awful, to the point where I felt remorseful or frustrated with myself, there were times at which I felt this way.

The tendency to lose oneself and feel overwhelmed in social situations where we are in a large group goes hand in hand with the gift of empathy to an intense degree. For this reason it’s not something worth beating ourselves up again – nothing is – it’s more a reason to draw our focus out of the ‘what can I say?’ mindset, and apply that focus to a more adequate and more harmonious mindset, namely one of ‘how I can serve?’
In doing this in the past I have found myself to be a lot more centred and a lot more cohesive when I do choose speak. Overall I saw that my words were more potent. It comes down to the ability to discern the relevance, benefit and importance of what we are about to say. In this instance I feel the image to the right of here is especially relevant. It’s an old Sufi saying.

If we can’t, or don’t, know the answer to these questions, when we are in the vibration of the Mountain it’s always going to be beneficial for us to swallow our ego – that part of us that is saying “But people need to know this!” and allow ourselves to relax back into the moment, into flow and ride the current of the conversation to a more inspired action.

One thought might be untrue, unnecessary or unkind, and another may be true, necessary and kind. We are not defined by each thought we think, as much as the artist is not defined by a painting he deems to be not good enough. Though these things do affect us, we can learn from anything negative, thought or painting, however it never defines us unless we allow it to.

Removing Corruption (Decay) – 18

“Removing corruption promises success. If one deliberates with great care, before and after the starting point then great undertakings are favoured.”

“Decisiveness and energy must replace the inertia and indifference which led to decay. It is inner weakness, gentle, irresolute, drifting, combined with outer inaction, inertia and rigidity, that lead to spoiling. But it is the course of heaven that a new beginning follows every ending. In removing corruption, let love prevail over both it’s beginning and it’s end.”

Removing Corruption (Decay) Sun & Ken. The Wind & The Mountain.
Removing Corruption (Decay) Sun & Ken. The Wind & The Mountain.

I have noticed recently that I have been deferring to Heather for her input and then just going along with her preference. To do this, of course, is to ignore my own internal compass. Often I find myself impartial and in lack of a particular preference when it comes to decision making. In these instances I rescind my right to even have a choice and defer to the most dominant personality near to me. To know now that in order to use the current of my essence to gently blow away the manifestations of this vibration I must develop an opinion or preference in any and all experiences I have.

Judgement is frowned upon by most in the spiritual and religious communities. It is said that we should love all things. I would say that there is no real benefit to loving all things. The allowing of that which will not harm you physically or mentally is beneficial. But to love everything would be to force yourself to approve of everything you feel is bad in the world. Of course ‘bad’ is subjective, so it’s different for everyone but if I didn’t enjoy eating oranges, to force myself to eat them anyway because they are “good for me” wouldn’t be beneficial to my overall well-being because my physical well-being is based on my mental well-being. This leads me to say, balance is key.

“Lay no blame upon one’s forebears in reforming what rigidity has spoiled.”

“Decay has been allowed to creep in by rigid adherence to tradition. But this is not yet deep-rooted. In remedying the decay one must attach no blame to one’s forebears [elder family members or one’s own previous actions].  One must not take such matters lightly. Only by keeping aware of the dangers connected with all reforms can they succeed in the end.”

An example of this would be that I eat crap food and takeaway every now and then when I can’t be bothered to cook. The truth of this habit is that over the last few months of so I’ve put on about 2 stone in weight. Something in the I Ching makes perfect sense of this… “Tolerating decay leads to humiliation.” This is true when it comes to my weight. I often feel a lack of confidence and even humiliation and embarrassment when I am reminded of my weight.

Another old habit is smoking. I have smoked since I was about 13-ish. I smoked weed for about 5/6 years of that. I now only smoke cigarettes but even they are loosing their appeal. I didn’t smoke a single cigarette this past weekend while I was visiting my family in Somerset. I only smoked once I was home home and this was down to habit and I didn’t really enjoy the cigarette that much. When I quit smoking weed I didn’t go ‘cold turkey’, and I don’t do the same with cigarettes. The I Ching states, “In reforming what inner weakness has spoiled, one must not be too persistent,” “Do not proceed too drastically or persist to obstinate extremes. Be gentle.”

In Conclusion

It’s ironic really that this whole thing has come up in light of what I wrote in another post about the lady on the bus that triggered me. It’s all about focusing on my intentions and actions – The chi in the Wu Wei. And it’s all about cleansing that which is old, decrepit and decayed. It’s all about deliberate and inspired action as opposed to in-grained, reactive and habitual tendencies. I aim to cultivate the ‘how can I serve here?’ mindset more constantly.

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You’re absolutely amazing! Keep it up! 😉

I love you! Namaste!

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