Today is all about change. Those who are familiar with numerology will know that 3 is all about decision making. The date today, as you know, is 03/12/2013! The third (decision) of December (12th month – 1 = energy flow, 2 = change) in the year 2013 (change, energy flow and decision making). So today is the day of the energetic revolution. In other words, today is the day of the internal change, the internal revolution. Of course this will reflect onto the mirror that is the outside world also!

Today’s I Ching Reading

I was yet to notice the date and I took to the I Ching to do a reading. My Mum and little brother are coming over to visit this afternoon, so I set the intention to gather information on how I can positively affect them today. After receiving that answer, I set the intention to know the information that I need to know in order to carry out my actions most effectively today. The hexagrams I received were Break-Through – Resoluteness (43) with the middle line in the first trigram as a Moving Yang sign & Revolution – Fundamental Change (49). So what does this all mean? Let me break it down…

Revolution – Fundamental Change (49)

“Joyousness comes through enlightenment. If revolution is right, remorse will pass. On your own day, you are believed. Persevere, for thereby comes success.”

BK_IChing49This is the general feel of the day. Today is all about forward movement on a deep level. It’s about development and growth on a foundational, fundamental level. The I Ching offers guidelines for anyone attempting a revolution of any description today…

  • One must be able to await the right moment with patience of spirit.
  • One must proceed in the right way so that one gladdens the people and, by enlightening them, prevents excesses.
  • One must be correct and practice empathy and care for others.
  • The change must answer a real need. Only then will one have no regrets.
  • The object of a revolution must be the attainment of clarified, secure conditions to ensure general stability on the basis of what is possible at the moment.

Break-Through – Resoluteness (43)

“By resolution is evil overcome: In high places, denounced despite danger; In oneself, not by force, but by good.”

Specifically relating to enacting change in favour of revolution when it comes to the break-through points, the I Ching offers the following ‘rules’, which it expresses should not be disregarded, they are:i_ching_43_kuai

  • When strength sees weakness above it, there is danger of defiance. Resolution must be based on the union of strength and goodwill.
  • Compromise with evil is not possible. It must be honestly discredited: not least in one’s own passion and shortcomings.
  • Direct force must not be taken used for it leads to entanglement in hatred and thus, we lose in the end. As long as we fight evil, blow for blow, it will prevail.
  • The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.

I feel as though the general message contained within these rules is that first we should identify our goal and remind ourselves of the importance of union in appreciation of the oneness that is all that there is. It then seems to suggest that the exposure of one’s shadow or the shadow of the ‘enemy’ (which is really just us, mirrored, anyway) is important when addressing the change that must occur. Then it goes on to say that resistance is futile and what we resist, persists and that the best way to overcome it, or ‘fight’ it is to seek the positive intention and cultivate the good within it, instead of the bad.

“Dealing with weeds requires resolution.”

When you’re trying to get rid of the weeds in your garden, you will know that if you pull them out of the ground they will keep growing back. This is the nature of resistance. If we are resisting something we are engaging in open conflict with it and therefore we are not only reinforcing it’s existence but perpetuating it. The most effective way of overcoming any adversity is to first of all make your peace with the fact that it is there, it exists. This is not to love it, but to accept it as it is. Once we accept it as it is it becomes a choice to want it to be gone, or changed, instead of the by-product of natural resistance. We can then choose to allow it to continue as it was or transmute it.

In this instance we’re not really talking about the weeds at all, but the soil. The soil is the foundation, the weeds are the result of the vibration. It’s the same in our mind. Our mind is the soil and our thoughts are the result of our vibration. The thoughts are not us, like the artist and his art, as I spoke about in previous entries. It’s all about where the focus lies. It’s all about which seeds you water.

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.”

Once you have weeds you have a choice, do you allow them to continue existing, or do you dig them up at the root, turn the soil over and plant something better. This process is symbolic of the process detailed above in Break-Through section containing the I Ching’s ‘Rules for Revolution.’

In Conclusion

Today is the day of change and decisions. What will you do?

I hope this has been useful for you! If you’d like a personal I Ching reading done, please follow this link!

You’re amazing! Keep up the fantasticness!


Andey out! xxx