I had a realisation after just talking to a good friend of mine for a few hours…

So I’ve come to the realisation that I am a walk-in soul braid. Which, as I was just explaining to the friend I was with earlier, is a fancy way of saying there are two streams of source consciousness (souls) participating in being Andey – and one of them only joined in when I was about 12. I started life with a source stream (which incarnated into it’s first body in the Pleiades Cluster – and so I possess Pleiadian traits) and then when I had an experience where I was knocked unconscious, a second source stream braided with the first (The second source stream was of Sirian origin – that is to say it incarnated in a body first on Sirius – and so I now possess Sirian traits).

The Braiding

The braiding happened when I was younger. I was at a group meditation and we were standing up, in a circle around a tree, and after a break in the meditation I fell to the ground. I experience a lot of movement and white lights and stuff while I was unconscious. When I came to I felt different, everything was different. A lot of things made more sense – I’ve always said that since then I just ‘got it’ with spiritual stuff.

All my memories from before that point are all a bit hazy now. In the past, I have often said that my past doesn’t feel like it actually happened – like it was implanted. The truth is it wasn’t the memories that were implanted. It was a source stream that is now part of me. The reality of this is that, though the souls (or streams of source consciousness) are into woven, only part of who I am today ever experienced my past from a first person perspective, as such my memories are… hazy at best.

Me & my amazing younger sister, Beth.
Me & my amazing younger sister, Beth when we were all little!

More About Soul Braiding

Soul braiding is quite rare, though less so recently. Why Soul braiding happens is often because two streams of source consciousness desire the same understanding or the expansion that would come as the result of having the same experience – and so they sort of make a deal to go in on it together – as they see that there would be benefits to experiencing it together. And sometimes it happens because one ‘soul’ needs a helping hand, or some guidance or direction from another – in which case a second ‘soul’ will opt to braid with the first. This sort of experience is an incredible harbinger for expansion and opens the doors to potentials which weren’t always possible before.

If you’re intrigued about this or if you think you are a soul braid and want to learn more, do a Google search for the term and do a bit of research. I’d love to chat to anyone who has any questions about this, or anything, so please feel free to get in contact!

In Conclusion

The answer to my questions about where I’m from, why I feel the way I do about a lot of things and why I seem to be so Sirian and yet so Pleiadian at the same time have made themselves clear now. I am a soul braid. It makes a lot of sense.

I’m loving the wave of clarity that coming with December. It’s amazing! Is anybody else experiencing this too?

On a side note, as you might have seen/heard me say, I always end up near a town called Glastonbury when I am at the end of phase in my life, or at the start of a new one. It is fitting, therefore, that the place where my soul braiding happened was very close to Glastonbury.

I have my speculations that my Dad is a walk-in. I will speak with him and follow up about that. He had an accident when he was younger. He fell from ladder up at a second floor window while cleaning windows. I’ll let you know about that one.

Thanks for reading! Stay fantastic!

Namaste, every day!

Andey Out!