Things are coming together beautifully for me at the moment. In my personal life and with The People Solution, everything is turning out nicely. With The People Solution, I’m pulling together a group of people who are dedicated to our cause and whom possess creativity in abundance. These people are creative, lovable, likeable, honest and most importantly, insightful. One of those such people is Morgan, otherwise known as Scarab Shepard to her YouTube & Google+ following. You can visit her YouTube channel by clicking here.

When I first saw Morgan’s videos I was drawn to her instantly. I saw her creativity and honest and insightful expression coming out of ever fibre of her being. The purity of her quest and intention to find truth and unite the world in love was so clear, so tangible I could taste it. After exchanging IMs with her for at least 3/4 months, this Friday we finally sat down to have a video chat with each other. Morgan lives over in America, and with me here in England, it’s naturally difficult for us to meet face to face – though that will happen at some point, I’m sure. For this reason, we decided to speak over the internet.

We spoke for a few hours sharing ideas on love, relationships, starseeds, walk-ins, soul braids, and the I Ching. There were so many times during our conversation that she said something that made me go, “Hmm, you’re right. That’s brilliant!” I love those moments, and I have a massive amount of respect for anyone who can provide me with them. So – and I never doubted that this would be the case – I’ve found another one of my favourite people on the planet.

Isn’t this illusion of separateness fun? That we can find someone thousands of miles away who inspires us in such a way and then we remember that the distance is an illusion, the boundaries between each of us is an illusion and so ‘they’ becomes I. And “I” is an illusion too. So all that’s left is oneness.

While he was in the Colombian rain forest, a wise man was once told by a mysterious presence which manifested as a bright but black light with a female voice… “Everything that vibrates is an illusion.”

Aside from the obvious excitement, inspiration and joy I have relative to my conversation with Morgan and the work that we will be doing together in the future… I’ve recently made several new friends on Facebook with whom I have spoken to for an extended period. As I expressed in a previous blog, I have wanted a close circle of friends for quite a while now. It was only once I had written that blog, understood the reason for it not happening to me before now and then released resistance to it, that I have begun to fully manifest this into my experience.

The dynamics of all these new relationships are quite different based on which one we look at. There is the one with Morgan which, for me, is all about mutual understanding, the coming together of minds, the inspiration of creativity and a whole lot of respect and admiration. There are also these new relationships which are being build via IM on Facebook!

oprah - lift you higherIn these new friendships, there are some people who have sought me out for new understandings and insight – these have blossomed into friendships. There are some with whom it feels like old friends, incarnated with similar resonance and desires, are meeting up again and just catching up. There are some with whom I shared similar abilities and traits and we have sought each other out for support and understanding of ourselves via the other. There are some friendships which are less reliant of technology, and there are some new friendships yet to blossom. Each form of these new friendships have brought me so much happiness, insight, growth and overall satisfaction that I am just so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people.

I cannot truly express how grateful I am to have these new relationships blooming in my life. To be speaking to people who are becoming new friends. To be speaking to old friends from past lives and rekindling our relationships through synchronicities and similarities. To be getting to know new people based on mutual interests, talents or abilities. And to be connecting with those people whom we mirror so accurately in so many ways, it’s uncanny.

I’m so grateful to have these new friendships, and I am so grateful for the potential for more future encounters. I’m grateful for you, yes you, the one who is reading this right now. And I am grateful for me, my personality, my identity. Because, as unlikely as it would seem, me, you, and everyone else is the result of a loving energy conspiring to make amazing things happen. You and I are the result of pure creative and loving energy coming together to know itself. Isn’t that beautiful?

Stay amazing!
Namaste, all day, every day!

Andey out! xxx

Here's a picture of me with my old band, Gravity Junkie. This is from when we played Hawkfest 2010. It was an amazing time spent with an amazing group of friends!
Here’s a picture of me with my old band, Gravity Junkie. This is from when we played Hawkfest 2010. It was an amazing time spent with an amazing group of friends!