It’s been spoken about for the entire history of our species, this time. The time in which things change. Something happens which has never happened before, as far as the human species can remember. The world is lighting up. Light is shone into the darkest shadows. The shadows of ourselves and the shadows of the world are being blessed with an honest, purifying flame. And, to paraphrase so many, the world is waking up.


There’s something refreshing about the elevated consciousness of the children who are being born today to people were once Indigo and Crystal children and have grown to be Indigo and Crystal adults.

There’s something invigorating about seeing those who were in a restless sleep waking up to see the world with new eyes. The world is changing and there are those of us who are on the cusp – the bridge into the new cycle. Many of us have come to realise our true nature as infinite beings. Infinite beings who have chosen to see what it’s like to be human for our own expansion and the expansion of all who experience us and our energy.

For those who do not know the world in the way we do, for those who do not “see the base-code of the universe” in the way we do, these proclamations appear to be born of ego and self-righteousness. The truth is, and you know it in your heart, we have come here for this reason. We are not deluded and confused en masse.

“Human Ascension” – Frequency Painting By Teal Scott

We have tried to share with you before the information we bring now, it was lost before; confused. But this time we have come in great force, in catalytic waves of loving energy. We passed on the knowledge before as a means of creating a path. A path which the walkers of will find it only too easy to happen upon what we share.

So, who are we? We have many faces, many names, many forms. The truth is there are too many to name. We have many “factions” – for lack of a better term. Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran. We have come from every ‘corner’  of the entire universe to expand and to aid in your expansion. You were not born of greed, but love. You are love, there is no truer way to convey this in human terms.

We are an expression, a projection if you will, of a galactic commune. When we say that the entire universe has conspired and aligned to bring you to where you are, we do not use these words lightly. Not only has the universe aligned to manifest your exact experience right now – on a non-physical level – but we are incarnating in your form to help guide you into the light. We are here to guide you into harmony, to show you that it is possible to love yourself and your Earth once again – as you did before. There is hope, there is always hope. There is a way, there is always a way. It falls to you to listen. So… just listen…

We are the conduit of your harmony. Welcome home.

Namaste, live, love and play.

I love you.

Andey and friends xxx

This ignites a fire of love inside my heart
This ignites a fire of love inside my heart