Time to vent the shadow and transmute!

It’s a funny thing, this idea that only we know what is best for ourselves. It’s true, of course. Nobody else knows what is right for anybody else, they only have their opinion. They have experience, yeah, but experience based on what? Other people’s experiences are based on what they have attracted into their own reality, and so the variables are different from yours, the feelings are different, the attracted circumstances are different, the whole damn experience is different! In a Law Of Attraction based universe, no two experiences are identical.

I’ve always had this thing about people telling me what to do. This hasn’t happened recently, I’ve just had at lot of people continuously offering their opinion on my choices when either it was only asked for on one occasion, or not asked for at all. Now, I’m not one to say “Shut up, your opinion is invalid,” but sometimes, don’t you just want them to shut up and leave you alone?

The insight of this would be that I’m attracting people who all keep insisting on telling me the same thing because I’m not confident in the choices I’m making relative to that thing. If I’m 100% honest, I’m quite prepared for a wild ride of following my emotions across the globe if that’s what it takes to display, to those who operate within the old-paradigm, that I will follow my emotions no matter what happens. I may be confused about what I want within various specific circumstances, but I’m certain about my choice to follow my feelings.

Self-Love, in a nutshell.
Self-Love, in a nutshell.

“No is the new yes,” somebody said to me yesterday, and I agree. I’ve been told many times before also, “If you say yes to something which doesn’t make you feel good; you are saying no to your true happiness.” I know that to be true also. Yesterday, I made a choice to opt out of doing something that I didn’t want to. I said no. The result of that is that the person I said no to, of course, wanted me to say yes again, so they proceed to list all the reasons that *they* think it would be a good thing for me to do, how it’s going to provide me with useful skills and all the rest of it… They don’t know what is best for me, only I do. Others only have their opinions and subjective experience.

Yesterday I had the most amazing day. I chose to say no to doing something I didn’t want to do and then wonderful things started happening. I had an awesome person send me a friend request on Facebook and we spoke for a while. There’s a connection there and I’d like to see where that goes and how we can help each other enhance our experience and contribute to the growth of the world! Following that, I also had someone connect with me who was interested in me visiting them and their network in Newcastle and hosting an event there! How amazing is that?

In Conclusion

It’s because of the utterly brilliant day I had yesterday that I have decided to re-frame the previous quote. Instead of… “If you say yes to something which doesn’t make you feel good; you are saying no to your true happiness,” I will now coin the phrase, “If you say no to something which doesn’t make you feel good; you are saying yes to your true happiness.” Much better.

I will be doing this from now on, da3bb0af3d7c599b13c5b55465c9a6faand in saying no to what doesn’t make me feel good and saying yes to what does I will open myself up to more amazing things happening. To do this and then learn about why I feel negative emotion towards various things is to follow my emotional guidance system – my internal SatNav. In Teal Scott’s words, I will be allowing myself to move in the direction of what feels good.

This is the path and the destination, ‘happiness’.

You’re wonderful. Thank you.

Namaste, live, love and play!!