The energy at the moment is just amazing. Other people are feeling it too, so I’m sure that if you’re spiritually aware or are in tune you will be noticing the current feel of the energy. This week, I’ve just been having the best week! And I can feel today will be just as good, if not better!

Let me tell you about some of the things that have been happening for me this week… A few weeks ago somebody connected with me over Facebook and we’ve become really close friends since. So close, in fact, that we’ve planned a trip together in the new year. This trip will be good for me in so many ways. But an important part of this story is that her planetary origin is Lyra. Overall though, it’s the start of me doing something that I love which I’ve been constantly saying no to for a long time. I see now that saying no to travelling is one of the things that caused me to feel like there were energetic blockages in my life.

On Monday I had a few people connect with me. The first was a fellow Triber and YouTuber. She went to Teal’s London Workshop, I watched her videos afterwards and thoroughly enjoyed them. At the time in which I watched her videos I wasn’t so active with connecting with people via social networks but I felt a resonance of energy between myself and this fellow YouTuber. When she connected with me on Facebook I was ecstatic! It was amazing! We seemed to be on the same page and it was wonderful! It turns out she is Lyran too!

At this point I had noticed the increase of Lyran presence in my life and began to ask questions. During the same day as I connected with the second Lyran to walk into my life, someone who I’ve had on my friends list on Facebook for a month or so sent me a message. He told me that he loves what I’m doing and that we have similar approaches to life in general. We then began talking about me visiting him in Newcastle and meeting his network and potentially running a workshop there! I was euphoric at this point, as you can imagine!

This week has brought in so much positive change for me, I love it! And it’s all in perfect synchronisation too. Here’s a breakdown… The first person I connect with is Lyran, she and I really connect on a deep level and “get each other,” we then decide to plan a trip to Glastonbury for the new year. I then connect with another Lyran who is about as excited to connect with me and I am with her. This, for me, generates a pattern of Lyrans appearing in my life – a pattern significant enough for me to take notice, had I not taken notice more would have come I’m sure! Then this friend from Newcastle invites me to visit and host a workshop. I felt compelled to invite the second Lyran connection I made to host this workshop with me.

Then yesterday this particular phase of the Lyran pattern served a great purpose. Somebody else connected with me. She’s from the country El Salvador. We spoke for a short while and got along really well. Having noticed the pattern of Lyran presence in my life I decided to ask her what her Planetary Origin was. She told me she wasn’t sure. I wanted to help so I took some personal information from her and put it into a Birth Chart and showed her it. She has Starseed Markings which are Pleiadian. This made me chuckle, ‘cuz it seemed relatively obvious that she wasn’t Lyran and was most likely Pleiadian.

This is the frequency of the Spiritual Guide, allow it to wash over you! It's by Teal Scott!
This is the frequency of the Spiritual Guide, allow it to wash over you!
It’s by Teal Scott!

My new Pleiadian friend was so grateful of this information. This warmed my heart. For me, in my life Pleiadians have always represented female energy and learning about female energy within Mystery School. As such, I felt compelled to ask her about how she communicates with her guides. She explained that she speaks to them in lots of different ways. She then told me to directly speak to mine out-loud and ask for ways in which I could easily and clearly understand them. Before I even read the message she sent me about speaking out-loud to them, I was already doing it. She then told me that she had tingling sensations all over her body and that my guides were happy that I was receiving the message.

The conversation moved on and she asked me what particular energies opened me up and allowed me to connect more as a child. I thought on it and spoke with my Dad about it. It’s clear to me now that what switched me on to subtle energies most of all was the night sky, the night breeze and crystals. Crystals in a big way! I decided to put some of my crystals out in the torrential downpour of rain we were having last night to cleanse them as I had done with my larger crystals a few night before. While I was out there I stood for a moment with my eyes closed and opened myself to messages.

My hands got all heavy and tingly and my heart warmed up. “I think I’ve found my channel of communication,” I thought to myself. I told my guides I was grateful then came back inside. Upon reflection I have decided that while I’m in Glastonbury I am going to spend some time out under the night sky with some of my crystals and open myself up like that again in a big way through a deeper meditation. I figured also, that since we’ll be visiting the Isle of Avalon and the Tor while we’re there, that this would be the perfect place to do this. The void between dimensions is at it’s most thin at Glastonbury Tor and so it would be the optimum place to connect with my guides and really have a dialogue! I shall be taking my Selenite with me I think, among other crystals to aid the communication!


In Conclusion

Every interaction I’ve had this week with friends, new and old (for this life time), have been exciting and have served a massive purpose in my life! This is, of course, happening all the time, every day! It’s amazing when we can see it and appreciate it for what it is! I’m so grateful for all of this, this week!

In addition to all of this! I was gradually coming back into my body while asleep this morning and my alarm began to sound. Last night I was meditating with my Rose Quartz in my right hand, Amethyst in my left and my Selenite wand balanced on my head! Imagine that! The funny part is that I don’t really remember coming out of the meditation and putting my crystals back on the window ledge where I keep them… Weird…

Anyway! You’re bloody awesome! Stay that way!

I love you!

Namaste! Live! Love! Play!