What happens when two raindrops come into contact? When two raindrops collide they become one. In several moments of intense contemplation after witnessing the connection of two raindrops and the subsequent shared effort to reach their destination… I thought to myself, “What is the relevance of this? What understanding does this bring?”

When two seemingly separate forces of nature (which everything is, we are all natural after all) are seeking the same result but choose to go about it in different ways; we see disparity. We see the ego of one person claiming that their way is better, faster, more efficient or generally superior to that of the others’. When we are locked into the illusion of separateness this way what we we looking for? Recognition? Justice? A Rise? Superiority? What ever we are looking for when we are trying to achieve our aim and end up getting locked into a debate with another about which way is better, faster, more efficient, so forth and so on; it seems that we may have lost sight of what we are doing and why we even started doing it in the first place.

An example would be some of the recent commotion over the Spirit Science videos. Various people have been making videos which appear to have the primary aim or purpose of slandering or ridiculing the ideas that Jordan is sharing through Spirit Science. I understand the ideas are much too ‘outlandish’ for many people to even begin to entertain as reality. I can appreciate the difficulty and cognitive dissonance some might experience when they are faced with ideas which challenge the way they have built their entire life and what they have invested their life in.

What is happening when people are creating these disapproving videos and then Jordan gets caught in the tide of disapproval and throws it back the other way is that this the cycle of disapproval just continues. It’s during this exchange that there would be a massive benefit to both parties withdrawing from the situation and taking a little more of an objective look at what is happening. To ask themselves, “What am I looking for here?”

When we look deep enough into most situations where ourselves and others are striving towards any aim we can often see that the aim is one of two things… We are either looking for happiness or truth. In an exchange like the one described above where one person creates some art, another person spends time trying to debunk or dismantle the beauty of the art and then the artist responds in defence of their art and so on and so forth… If the aim is happiness, neither is truly happy in doing this… And if the aim is truth; doing such a thing would be counter-productive and I’m sure counter-intuitive too.

While it is important to flush out lies and untruth that we might find in some things, the next step is even more important. I was speaking to someone about something similar earlier on today actually. To focus negatively is okay, as long as there is something afterwards which moves us to a more positive state.

To argue over what is wrong, untruthful or apparently worthy of ridicule within what ever we are experiencing is to focus negatively for an extended period. When we do this we are reinforcing the negative vibration, and thus perpetuating it! To do this would be to be a raindrop and recognise the other drops around you but instead of joining with them to reach your destination seeking dirt and grime in the atmosphere then joining with them only to aim for a muddy puddle, instead of the vast and clear ocean. In doing this we only slow progress.

If we can recognise that others are seeking the same result as us, be it truth or happiness, then we can work together to achieve these aims and break down our ego barriers instead. This is so important when it comes to remaining focused and maintaining our personal integrity.

In Conclusion

It would benefit us all greatly to ask ourselves a question about whether or not what we are doing is something which will aid our progress towards our aim or slow it. Whether this is combining efforts with others who seek the same thing but have a different approach; Whether it’s withdrawing from a situation for long enough to allow our ego to take a back seat in finding the solution; Whether it’s allowing another to show us a path that we cannot see because we are so focus on ‘our way’ of doing things.

In everything, there is always more perspective to be had, there is always more learning. The question is, do we allow ourselves to learn, or do we slow our progress by reinforcing the illusion of separateness?

I love you.

Namaste, allow today to be a bloody good day!