Today’s blog post is made out of honesty, respect, critical-thought and humour with a couple of extra lashing of candidness.

It’s a big thing at the moment I think… This idea of questioning everything; trusting your inner guidance; living based on your own personal truths, and so on. There have been so many people in the world in the last few thousand years that have done this and, equally, there have been many who haven’t. There’s been so much indoctrination and blind submission in the history of the human race that, I suppose, it’s only natural for so many people to be more comfortable with just believing what someone else thinks is true, rather than having their own personal experience of it.

Where blind submission falls down as an idea (if it every really stood up as one) is that in a universe which works by the Law of Attraction; every experience we have is subjective and unique to our beliefs, perception and vibration. It’s the same as one person eating carob cakes and absolutely loving it and another person eating it and nearly throwing up because they were expecting dairy chocolate. It’s all subjective.

To say this universe works by the Law of Attraction is to say that everything is energy and this energy is attracted and attracting at all times. Everything that is of a similar, matching resonance is attracted. Everything that is of an opposing resonance is not attracted. The less dominant or strong vibration is transmuted when it comes into contact with a vibration which opposes it. So, if you’re happy and I’m sad and I’m more committed to my sadness than you are to your happiness, then it’s likely that I will make you sad too – or we might meet somewhere in the middle around pessimism.

I suppose many people would jump to argue about the reality of the Law of Attraction and whether it is really is something that applies to life on Earth. I’m not into arguing really, I find it pointless. All I will say on this is that I heard about it, tested it with an open mind and found it to make a lot of sense. Then, I chose to spend a bit more time playing around with it and my experiences showed me that it works. That is my personal experience of the Law of Attraction and I have since experienced proof of it every day. I’m not saying, “BELIEVE ME!” That’s up to you to decide. I know it to be true for me and that’s enough for me. It might not even be real for you.

Once we are aware that everything is subjective it becomes clear that believing in somebody else’s experience of God, the right way to live life, the right food for you to eat and so on and so on is a pretty strange idea at best. And when we realise that believing in somebody else’s opinion or experience and treating it as fact is a silly idea: – whether it’s a religious elder, scientist, my left foot or some cabbage – The idea of believing that the contents of some 2000 year old book which was written 200 or so years – give or take – after the actual events contained within supposedly transpired shows itself as being utterly stupid! Never-mind all these “new” versions.

This is not me coming out against anyone who believes that the contents of any particular religious text is the infallible word of God. I have nothing against the people who believe this. However, as with most people, I do have an issue with all the in-your-face preaching, microphones on high streets in town centres, knocking on doors and the general invasion of personal space. Where I get confused, baffled even, is when they read it and say, “This is true! It all links up! It makes sense!” From my point of view, you could say that about any well-written book – They all have elements of truth within them. It would be damn-near impossible to write a book that didn’t somehow draw on the reality experience here, we don’t remember anything else! Anyway, lets face it, the Bible, of all books, is *not* a well written book! It’s confusing and weird!

Often when I tell people I find the way that the bible is written is confusing they tell me that it’s because I haven’t understood it. I always wonder whether *they* have understood it. When I say this to my family they always say how I should go through it with them and have them explain what they think it means to me. When they say this, I think to myself, ‘That’s a nice idea. However, everything is subjective so how will I learn about that the book says based on your interpretation of it?’

What I Think Of The Bible

Okay, so here goes. I’m going to tell you what I really think of the Bible, what it’s all about – from my point of view – and how relevant it really is…

I think the bible is a collection of elaborate stories built around metaphors and analogies laced with elements of reality to make it more relatable. The lessons contained within the metaphors are very important lessons and morals to meditate on. Be kind, appreciate what you have, don’t kill people – this is all, generally speaking, pretty good advice. I do not doubt Jesus was a real bloke – they reckon they found his bones after all (Look it up, they reckon they’ve got Jesus’s bones in India. Pretty cool, eh?) I do not doubt that he was able to bend the laws of physics as we know them now because in that time-frame the laws of physics were not believed to be absolute and infallible laws and thus it was possible for them to be broken. Belief is everything, after all!

I do not doubt that he could heal people. Energy healers do this all the time. I’ve healed myself and others with energy and intention before! I would say that Jesus was the son of God, as much as we all are. We are all extensions of a God-Like energy which makes up everything in this reality. So, in a way, I would sort of say that, yes he was the son of God. I wouldn’t have used word Son though. And I wouldn’t have made it so easy to get confused about. He could have said something like… “You know how you can’t see the wind or your breath, but you know it’s there? Well, God is like that. It’s there, but we can’t see it. It is the life behind and within everything. It’s you and me, the plants, the water, the wind the earth. God is life.” That would have avoided a lot more confusion, I think. Who knows, he probably did say something like that, but when all the men, who wanted to suppress women and freedom, actually finally got around to writing the bible almost 300 years later the stories had been skewed by ego and man-dominant agendas that the true message was a little confused. Just an idea.

Also, most, if not all, of the stories in the bible have been directly lifted from older faiths which contain stories which were lifted from even older faiths… so on and so forth… until you get back to the ancient-ancient times where aliens and extra-dimensional beings had more of a direct input in the goings-on on Earth. And the only reason they were around more back then was because 1. Humans weren’t quite as hostile and 2. Humans were more open minded. In other words, we were ready for interaction with ‘aliens’ back then… Now? Not so much. There’s a lot of fear and hostility focused towards beings who are not from this dimension and this planet within the parameters of what is considered “normal” in this society.

Jesus represented ‘Christ Consciousness’ which is a name for a level of awareness and insight which is relatively advanced based on where the people were when we was about. More and more people are attaining this state now. It’s more enlightened that the state of consciousness which dictates that we are all separate.

That said, the aim of writing this post was not to just slam the bible and all of it’s peers and bring up aliens and the part they played in creating the human race… Nothing quite so ‘outlandish’ …My aim was to address the value and benefit of critical thinking, questioning new ideas and old beliefs or patterns and to accent the benefits of ‘cherry-picking’ what feels good to us from the different ideas from different ideologies.

If everything in this reality is subjective, then it clearly doesn’t make sense for us to just believe what other people are saying just because they are saying it’s the truth, or the words of God. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense then to believe what other people have written down in the way that other people believe it, just because it’s written down and people tell you it’s God’s words…

So, what does make sense, oh wise Andey?! I hear you ask… I’ll tell you what mate, I love you to bits and I don’t want you to live a lie, so I’m gonna go with… “You decide.”

That’s it.

What ever YOU think makes sense; What ever makes YOU feel empowered; What ever YOU like the sound of: Believe it. I don’t give a shit if it’s faeries, unicorns, Jesus on some water, Santa in the sky dictating Karma, Buddha under a tree reaching an end-state of consciousness, Mother Mary and her inter-dimensional mating ritual, the Science religion for atheists or the lore of World or Warcraft or Adventure Time… OR a combination of all of these and every other religion on the planet to create something which is YOUR personal religion… Do it. If that’s what feels good to you, do it. And you have my full respect, encouragement and love.

If it makes you feel good and empowers you, helps you to enjoy life, answers some questions for you, then believe it. If it promotes kindness, compassion and love for all beings – which seems to be what this God fella in pretty much every religion seems to promote – then it’s good in my eyes.

Just be prepared to have it questioned by others, by society and most importantly by *you*.

If we can learn to feel good every day, then it’s all good, right? So let’s just say “fuck it” to everything that doesn’t make us feel good; learn from why it doesn’t help us to feel good and then move towards what DOES make us feel good. How about that for a lifestyle?

Everyone is different, so let’s try to accept this fact instead of pushing our beliefs onto others.

You’re amazing. Thanks for reading. I mean, I won’t really know if you have read it or not. Some of you might just ‘like’ it and be done with it. Either way, I always write for me and to have you read what I write is always an absolute pleasure and a cheeky bonus!

Stay beautiful!

Namaste! May you find your own way!

With love,


P.S: Here are some photos of me being serious… It’s a little present for you cuz of it being the time of year that people give each other gifts…

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