Hello everybody! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas time or similar and are excited for the New Years celebration which are set to go under way all around the western parts of the world at the moment! The energy at this time of the year is so intense, it can often flip from one end of the spectrum to the other in an instant. We’ve seen that over Christmas and the days either side the energy has been incredibly high vibrational and now many people are feeling a little burned out. I know I am! Due to the intensity of the energy, a lot of things have been brought to the surface for lots of people and communities. The spiritual community is no exception and so I’d like to address this a bit today.

There is a lot of tension and confusion surrounding spiritual teachers and ‘truth’ at the moment. It’s for this reason I wanted to write something for you. Of course, we are aware that truth is subjective and that what one person might experience as a definite reality, somebody else may experience as the exact opposite. I’ve spoken about the subjective nature of reality so many times before and so today I will be speaking about something slightly different and tackling this whole load of commotion from a different standpoint from the one I usually take.

With so much commotion and criticism surrounding those in the public eye in all arenas at the moment – not just the spiritual ones; I feel like it’s important – now more than ever – to remember that whether you realise it or not, you are the eye of the storm. This is more than a place you are at, this is what you are. This is what we all are. Whether we are amidst a storm or carelessly floating on calm seas, we are always at the hub of the experience – but we are not the experience itself. That said, it is down to our perspective, focus and intention to determine what experience we have.

Naturally, it’s easy to forget that we are the centre of our own personal, subjective experience because we can become so caught up in the squabbles and scepticism. However, when we can draw ourselves out of the chaos for a moment; we see that we are not of the chaos but rather, we are an observer of it. An observer, as such, can choose what he or she observes.

The Key

I’m not going to tell you that this is the answer. If I did that I’d be doing what everybody else is doing. What I will say, however, is: Trust in your insight. Trust is your ability for discernment. Trust yourself. Nobody else will ever be able to tell you what’s right for you, or what is best for you. Only you know what is best for you – only you know what feels right. As we have addressed before: There is no right and no wrong, nor good and bad; so what we have left is positive and negative. If something doesn’t feel positive to you, give yourself permission to move away from it; stop focusing on it; remove it from your environment or experience all together. There is nothing wrong with anything and so there is certainly nothing wrong with choosing to allow only things which provide you with positive emotions an extended stay in your consciousness.

There is a lot of focus on scaremongering media at the moment within the spiritual community. There is a lot of focus on ‘debunking’ also. If debunking feels good to you, I’m not going to be someone who tells you not to be involved. I will say though, that those of us who are not drawn to such focus are not any more less or more right/wrong/inferior/superior that those who are drawn to it.

Trust in your insight. Trust in your emotions; they will not lead you astray. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are feeling and trust that it will always lead towards positive emotions.

In Conclusion

True liberation comes through happiness, not through relentlessly and ruthlessly uncovering the truth. True freedom is freedom of the heart. A heart without chains, binds or restriction is a heart full of love. To limit your flow of love with negative focus is to slow on the path towards freedom. We will all, always, reach this true freedom – the liberation of our essence – be it through freedom of thought, freedom of happiness, or freedom from our bodies – temporarily or permanently. Freedom is now if we stop creating obstacles.

My question is… Do we want to be happy in our freedom? Or are we beset with the burden of truth in our so-called freedom?

These are questions from my perspective only, and they are not intended to sway any judgement. Life is life and it cannot be curbed. It will do what it will and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact there is everything right with it. I love life and I love that it is without restriction.

I love you.

Namaste. Live and see through. Love and be you. Let emotion guide you and be in a constant state of play.

In the words of the Barefoot, “SHOUT CHI!”