I’ve made a video all about the past few years and this coming year with some ideas on how to improve and some exciting inside information about my new animated video series… You can check out the video by clicking here!

Otherwise, here is the ‘PastCast’ from 2013 and ‘FutureCast’ for 2014!

2013 PastCast

2013 has shown us all so much more about ourselves than we would really care to know. It has been the bringer of change in a massive way. This past year we have been moving into a more active space in relation to what we learned during 2012.

Of course, 2012 was a year of big change too and it crescendo’d with a bang as we had an ethereal shift into higher dimensions. On 21st December 2012 a gateway of sorts opened up and made it more easy for us to access higher states of consciousness. When this alignment occurred on 21st December 2012 between 11:11am and 12:12pm a whole new path was lit up for those who sought it.

Since then this new pathway has been well-trodden and had it’s walkers joined by many. Now, as we are at the crest of an energetic shift once again there are more people than ever walking the way of Warriors of The Rainbow as the Hopi foretold.

2014 FutureCast

As we move out of the year of decisions our big choices have been made or have been made visible and clear. This is not to say that more changes aren’t yet to come – not by a long shot – but the life we have set up or are in the process of setting up now is the life that will carry us towards our dominant focus; as is always the case.

The significance now is that so many of us are lining up with a path which leads us and this planet towards an evermore harmonious future. There may be more turmoil yet to come, as there will always be contrast and life would be uneventful without it. It is not yet clear of the nature and appearance of the path we are walking as a species.

What is clear is that the number of those of us who are set on harmony and spiritual ideals is rising exponentially. As such this coming year, 2014, will be a year of great learning. The year of the magical mystery school. This year will be the year that the spiritual ideas and the many solutions to the worlds’ problems will be found by the masses.

Though there may be unrest in those who are still to learn of the ultimate oneness of this reality; those of us who are aware will do well to remain centred and focused on our aims and goals while holding no resistance to the reality we observe.


I love you, you’re amazing.

Namaste! Live! Love! Play!


2013-2014 pic
Here’s a little screenshot from the video