Okay, so most of you will have likely read my post about how I’m a soulbraid and how I’m Pleiadian and Sirian and all of that. WELL, it’s always been the source of much confusion for me that when I have seen the list of traits of various energetic imprints, AKA starseed characteristics, I seemed to have them all! Every time I read up on various starseed traits, I can’t nail down one or two which ‘are me’. I’m always left with more questions than I start with.

Following this, the experience of having an increasing Lyran presence in my life seemed to make sense when I pinpointed that I have Lyran guides. I thought the stream of Lyrans appearing for me would end then. I was thinking, “I’ve got the message, so you can stop sending the message.” Yeah, it turns out I hadn’t got the message.

I was speaking to a friend, Chani, yesterday and on the off chance she’d have an answer, I asked her why it seemed like I possess all of these traits and can never pin down any particular energy that I came in with. Her answer was extraordinary, it was a message from her guides. (You can check out Chani’s YouTube channel here)

I’m paraphrasing here, but Chani essentially said…

“It’s because your perspective is served by uniting and identifying these different energies, so why not have them all within you? Which we all do of course, you have just chosen to take all of these vibration with you into this life. You have chosen to take a very mixed vibration.”

So, basically I’ve incarnated with a bit of everything! She later told me that she can see these energies manifested in my physical appearance. So she looked at my face and saw Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran and a little Zeta energy there. “How intriguing!” I thought. After reading and hearing all of this I was buzzing, literally ecstatic.

Housekeeping And The Loose Ends

So I realise that this all may seem to render the entire soulbraid experience I wrote about before irrelevant and seemingly false… But woah there! Hold your horses good sir knight, for I have a deduction which will flatter the concoction and answer the question burning on your tongue…

I came in with all of these energetic potentials activated. My Pleiadian nature was nurtured by my Mother as I grew. My Mum is also Pleiadian. When I was 12 my ‘soulbraid experience’ seems to have been an interruption of patterns which latest long enough to activate my Sirian energy in a larger way and provide me with enough of an open channel to Source for me to ‘get’ these things on a deeper level. So, on face-value the truth is nothing has changed. And when it comes to answering people’s questions about what I am relative to energies, I will still say soulbraid but what falls will now be adjusted to fit this new idea which makes 10 times more sense and leaves no questions unanswered.

Also, I dunno if you noticed but I have Fae energy in and around me too. Little fun fact number 1. I’m also what we call a ‘Merlin Archetype’ which is fun fact number 2.

In Conclusion

I’ve brought a cocktail of energies with me into this incarnation in order to serve mine, and the worlds’, expansion by bringing people together. I can use these energies to identify with others and communicate my message clearly in a way that they will appreciate, understand and associate with me. This is a gift indeed. Especially when it comes to the mission I have undertaken in this life.

My Mission

For those of you who aren’t aware of my mission, I’ll explain it briefly now… I am bringing people together, from all walks of life, who see that we are all one. I am building bridges on common ground. I am showing others there is a way to heal ourselves and this world. Through virtues like honesty, compassion, openness and love; we can all live in harmony. I am connecting with people worldwide who share similar values to my own and that of my kin and occasionally spread the word into the mind of someone thought uninformed.

My goal is not to preach and convert, but rather connect with those already on this path and offer them a connection to a larger family who are walking the path too. To meet with those who feel lost or alone on the path and show them how I and others are living – to lead by example – is my aim. I am offering what is desired of what I can share with those in need and those who are seeking answers, empowerment, balance or clarity. This is not an independent undertaking; I am not attempting this alone. I have associates, friends, colleagues and fellow way-seers with me on this journey. In time, I intend to travel with a group of people who share my passion and enthusiasm for this mission.

In principle and in vision; in essence my goal is to create a worldwide network of like-minded people who can provide answers, solace, balance, security, empowerment, friendships and most importantly love for each other. I see that the world has many people over who are focused on spiritual ideas. My goal is to connect with them and offer them access to the network – the web, if you like – of other people involved in spiritual practice and lifestyles. In doing this we will make great friends, provide great expansion for ourselves and the Earth over, bring together the worldwide family which is growing but has a populous of tight-nit groups and lonely wanderers.

Through my efforts I will these groups connect to each other and become a basis for fellow travellers or local spiritual practitioners to visit. Through my efforts, the lonely wanderers will find solace in the family we have built and are building. The lonely wanderers will come to see that they are not insane, ‘messed-up’ or indeed alone, but are in fact misunderstood by the masses who have chosen to look the other way for the time being. These lonely wanderers will come to see that they are part of something bigger, something catalytic, something special and something due.

This is my vision, my quest, my mission. This is my calling, my promise, my donning. This is my love, and this is my passion. With this we’ll ride and set course for new fashion. This is the age; the time has now come, for us to step outside in the light we have shone. Fear not my brothers, my sisters alike. The time is now coming, we’re out of the night.

The People Solution is the first step for this quest. For more information, click here.

I love you.

Namaste! Live! Love! Play!


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