The following is a list of reasons that I feel happy and am beginning to truly love myself. I hope this list ignites some self-love within you and perhaps even inspires you to write a similar list for yourself… This is part of my new practice of boundless self-love. It may seem like a list of blow-my-own horn words and arrogant or narcissistic statements, take it like that if you want. For me, it’s about seeing how awesome I am. 😉

So without further ado… Here are 40 reasons I am happy and I love myself right now…

  1. I wake up every day in such a ridiculously good mood.
  2. I often end up dancing around and acting like a 5 year old for at least an hour after waking up.
  3. I have a wicked sense of humour. For example: most times before I eat a banana, I will sing the ‘Bond’ theme in “ba na na na”s. I may upload a video of this soon.
  4. I have the ability to make others feel so happy.
  5. I’ve got so much fucking love in me, it’s endless, timeless, limitless.
  6. I’m fucking charming when I want to be.
  7. I’ve finally got out of my own way enough to truly open up to how amazing life can be.
  8. I have amazing friends.
  9. I’m a talented guy. I’m good at music, art, saying words, making up words, just about anything creative AND I’m an expert when it comes to winding people up.
  10. I have a catalytic presence, so that’s pretty cool!
  11. I am the creator and co-creator of all that I experience and all that envelops me.
  12. I am energy, I am attracted and I am attracting.
  13. My Kundalini snake is AWAKE.
  14. After 2 minutes of meditation, I can see energy for a short time.
  15. I’ve got the Jesus touch, I can heal people with my hands.
  16. When I’m grounded and centred, I know how others feel just by looking at them.
  17. When I’m grounded and centred, I know what others are thinking just by looking at them.
  18. When I’m grounded and centred, I know if others are lying just by looking at them.
  19. I can send these awesome signal things to people whom I am really connected to which puts my face in their head or reminds them of me. This is like a 4th/5th dimensional version of those ‘nudges’ that you used to get on MSN. Do you remember MSN? Hahahah MSN.
  20. If I’m close to someone, regardless of where they are I can send intense or strong emotional states. I’m working with this one and getting used to how it actually works.
  21. I am unique.
  22. The entire universe conspired to create me.
  23. I am special.
  24. I have magical powers.
  25. I am magic, incarnate.
  26. My guides are fun, they’re cryptic and like to toy with me from time to time, but they are there and they love me.
  27. I’m a Word-Wizard.
  28. I’m a Wizard.
  29. I’m a what?
  30. A Wizard.
  31. A what?
  32. Enough of that.
  33. You’re reading this.

    An example of the amount of ugly I can create when I put my face to it
    An example of the amount of ugly I can create when I put my face to it
  34. Whatever I do, there will be people who support and love me.
  35. Whatever I do, I’ll want to do it, so I’ll be supporting me.
  36. Whatever I do, I’ll want to do it, so I’ll love me for doing it.
  37. I’ve been practising inspired action for more of my life than I ever really knew.
  38. I’m a sexy beast.
  39. I can pull some pretty unattractive faces when I want to.
  40. I’m fucking awesome.

In Conclusion

There you go. I may be writing more of these lists from now on as I had a massive emotional clear-out yesterday and feel better for it. HOWEVER this emotional clear-out showed me how I can begin to love myself more and why it’s so important. THEWARRIORISHERE! I am stronger and more READY than ever!

What do you love about yourself? Tell me in the comments!


I love you. But seriously, love yourself.

Namaste! LIVE! LOVE (yourself)! PLAY!


Me being gorgeous
Me being gorgeous