Today’s post is going to be a relatively controversial post. So controversial you’ll find yourself agreeing with me, I feel. There are two things I want to talk to you about today which really both fall under the umbrella of AUTHENTICITY and not self-editing.

Future Focus

There are a lot of spiritual teachings which suggest present moment experience is the key to happiness. I wouldn’t disagree. I would say, however that, for a lot of us, present moment experience may come as the result of editing ourselves and limiting our focus to a certain frame of thought. If we are focusing on the future and then we say to ourselves, “NO! I’m not supposed to focus on the future. I should be focusing on the present moment,” it would seem that we may have missed the point.

To fully experience the present moment is to follow it’s flow into what ever feeling or emotion you may have. As Eckhart Tolle says: watch the thoughts.  To watch our thoughts is to become the observer of the thoughts and thus it is to realise that we are not the thoughts. (Thoughts are really just the result of our vibrational frequency) If we aim to experience the present moment and then edit our thoughts or feelings in order to ‘focus on what is happening’ then we are actually resisting what is happening. The outside world is a reflection of the internal world, so if we are ignoring what is happening internally in favour of focusing on the external world, is that any better? I would say, a careful balance is key.

There’s nothing that’s wrong, right? So future orientation isn’t wrong. There’s nothing bad about it. To edit ourselves so we don’t focus on the future is resistance. To actually be in the moment is to surrender to it and see where it takes you. If it takes you to future planning, that’s great. Once you’ve allowed that feeling, it will pass and you will be back in the moment. Truth is, even if you have planned your future, you don’t have to live it out ’cause it’s just an idea. Ideas change/morph over time… So if you make a plan and it feels good now, but it doesn’t feel good later don’t do it.


You are in a unique perspective. You are the only life-form on this entire planet who sees reality the way that you do. With all of these spiritual ideas, there is a tendency to try and change who we are at our essence. We spend years looking for ways to improve ourselves. The truth is, we’re not looking to improve ourselves much more than we are looking to eradicate negative patterns or beliefs. These patterns or beliefs are what we have accumulated over our lifetime and often times begun to become convinced that these patterns either are us or that they define us. These negative beliefs or patterns are not us. The reason it’s clear that our negative or destructive habits, patterns or beliefs are not us is because if they were us then there would be no way to differentiate between the person who holds the belief and their belief itself. If we were our beliefs or patterns we would simply not be able to say ‘I have this pattern.’ The reason for this is because the possessor of the pattern is not the pattern.

If I was my tendency to eat dairy in the winter even though I know it’s bad for my body type then I would not be able to say, “I eat dairy in the winter sometimes, even though I know it’s bad for my body type.” If I was this pattern then either the pattern wouldn’t exist, or I wouldn’t exist. I would just be the act of eating dairy in the winter. I would exist solely to eat dairy in the winter and would not even exist in the summertime!

Who we are, at our core, is an eternal stream of energy. When we surrender to ourselves, how we feel, and where we seem to be in the world simultaneously… THAT is when we are truly in the moment. THAT is what it really means to live in the moment.

To Surrender

When I say, ‘be you,’ there is a tendency to then try and be you. This makes me laugh because there is literally no other way you can be. Sure you can layer patterns, beliefs, habits, addictions, choices on top of who you are. At the core of everything, is you. Just take a deep breath, sigh with relief through the exhale and relax your body. Do this as many times as you need to relax. Allow all your muscles from head to toe to go limp. Be aware of your body. Be aware of the muscles in your body. When you notice them tense, bring them back to authenticity again.

The muscle is the muscle regardless of it’s state, but if it is tense it cannot become tense to do it’s job or to fulfil it’s greatest potential. When it is loose, it can then become what it desires, it can fulfil it’s fullest potential in any moment. To be fully you, is to relax into yourself. Surrender to your experience of yourself.

Like the muscles in your body, if you are spending all your time trying to be this or that then you will have no time to relax into your authenticity and you may end up feeling lost and out of centre. The light switch cannot be switched on if it is already on. If you bring your awareness back into your body and allow your muscles to relax then your mind will follow suit. Pay close attention to your body and when you notice that muscles are tense; breath, sigh and relax.


In Conclusion

Within spirituality there is a tendency to limit our happiness by editing ourselves. Within the spiritual community there is this idea of what is “spiritual” and what is not. People believe that certain habits are “more spiritual” than others. People believe certain foods are “more spiritual” than others. People believe certain facial expressions, fingers, tables, clothes, dandelions or guitars are more spiritual than others.

Everything is energy. Nothing is more of less spiritual than anything else. Nothing is more or less special, amazing, perfect or awesome than anything else. Everything is energy. What it is, is resonance. What we feel about something, how we feel towards or around something… This is what matters. What is right for one person may not be right for another.

To relax into your authenticity is to know yourself, truly, wholly. The state of intensity of your muscles represents how intense your resistance is. If you relax your body this can affect your mind, likewise this works the other way too. We are in the physical dimension and the relaxation of our muscles is a great tool for relaxing our mind and releasing resistance, so we may as well make use of it!

Be water, my friends.

I love you

Namaste! Just be.