It’s been a reoccurring factor in my life recently, that of self-love. Every single time a shadow has been enlightened in the last month or two it seems to point to self-love. This has lead me down many dark holes relative to my past, my present and my future. I’ve been asking myself so many questions about what I really want from life recently too. It always seems to come back to the same thing, self-love. “What is the most self-loving thing I can do here?”

Due to the fact that our entire lives are spent learning how to love ourselves more and more each moment, it makes sense that our spiritual and emotional practices should be geared towards working with that, right? That’s the case for me. Also, it makes sense for me that, because my entire life is a spiritual and emotional experience (as is the case for most if not all of us) that my life should be geared towards cultivating, developing and enhancing self-love.

After a triggering experience with a loved one last night, I reflected deeply and inwardly upon what this meant for me. I was shown once again the importance and the need for me to love myself and to get the hell onto it ASAP! “Self-Love should ALWAYS be your number one priority, Andey.” Is what I was told by my alternate perspective(s)!

Off the back of last nights experience and speaking to my Dad for a while last night and this morning I took to my Shadow Journal to create a list of things I do which show me that I do in fact love myself. If I didn’t love myself I wouldn’t do anything that makes me feel good or is constructive. If I didn’t love myself, I wouldn’t even be interested in loving myself. All of this proves that I do, in fact, love myself, however… the tricky part is remembering that I do love myself and starting to believe that I am worthy of that love.

I decided to write a list of habits I have and actions I take which show me that I love myself. I have included a picture of this as it looks in my Shadow Journal. A wise friend of mine told me recently that if I am to be going travelling it would be beneficial for me to clear out as much mental and emotional clutter in the form of limiting of destructive belief patterns before going, otherwise I may end up experiencing a world of heartache while I am travelling! This advice was much needed and it was a kick up the arse that was big enough for me to get my shit together and start loving myself.

This is my "I love me, therefore..." list. And yes, yes it does say "I sniff garlic," I absolutely love the smell of garlic. It's amazing.
This is my “I love me, therefore…” list. And yes, yes it does say “I sniff garlic,” I absolutely love the smell of garlic. It’s amazing.


With love,

Andey xxx