As the first leg of my travels began today, I thought I would share with you some of the more interesting parts of the day. After saying good by to some of my loved ones in my home-town last night and this morning I set off to get a coach to Bristol where my Dad was to pick me up and bring me to his home in the valley below Nyland Hill in Somerset.

I left this morning as the sun was on it’s daily ascent; it had not yet hit it’s peak and so the sky was a beautiful pink hue. I walked up my street to the bus stop with my laptop, carrier bag of food for the journey and my sports bag filled to the brim with clothes, crystals, books and belated Christmas presents for the Somerset branch of my family in tow.

IMG_2638Before this morning, it had been months since I had gotten on a bus of any description. I decided to get a bus into town because of the weight of my bag. The bus pass I had was specifically to be used for only Stagecoach buses. Knowing very little about public transport and being out of practice using it – and so a little rusty – I tried my luck at getting on a bus which I thought was a Stagecoach bus and turned out to in fact, not be a stagecoach bus. Shortly after, I got on an actual Stagecoach bus. It’s a bit of a joke for me and my loved ones that I know about the truths and mysteries of the universe, but when it comes to ‘simple’ stuff; I’m clueless. In fact, I didn’t learn to ride a bike ’til I was 10.

I can cook like a genius, clean like a housewife, tidy like a housewife, wash clothes like a housewife, hand-wash clothes like a Buddhist monk and talk to you about the nature of the universe for hours on end. However, there are some moments where you would genuinely think I was a 2 year old inside the body of a 20 year old. Anyway, travelling stuff, yeah…

As a result of spending 4 hours on a coach doing nothing but soaking in the beauty of the moment, listening to music, occasionally sending texts, watching the scenery drift by, the clouds roll by and every-so-often drifting into sleep-land, I have a short list of music which I want to share with you. Albums, songs and artists. Here’s some of the stuff I listened to while on the coach.

  • AMOK (Album) – Atoms For Peace
  • Legend (Best Of Album) – Bob Marley
  • Distant Relatives (Album) – Damian Marley & Nas
  • Radiodread (Album) – Easystar Allstars

That’s the start of Andey’s Travel Soundtrack. Awesome music! Some of my favourite stuff! I’m now sitting here in my Dad’s kitchen writing this for you. We’re going out for drinks soon I think, it will be great to properly catch up with everyone! I’ll share a photo below of the view from my Dad’s kitchen window. It’s absolutely magnificent when the weather is clear! The photo I’ll share has some fog in it, but you can see how amazing it is regardless.

This weekend will be filled of all sorts of amusing delights! Tomorrow night, we are having an international Burns Night with the family. We will have family logging on from Scotland and New Zealand I think and perhaps more places! If you’re unsure as to what Burns Night is, Google it! It’s a Scottish tradition! And true to form it was my Dad’s crazy idea to host a Burns Night celebration via Google Hangouts! The tradition is that of poetry, laughs, bagpipes and haggis – though being vegetarian I won’t be munchin’ down on any haggis.

Ever wondered what a haggis is? It’s a mysterious and illusive animal – half rabbit, half sheep, half bear with goat’s horns. That’s right three halves. I told you it was mysterious. Sometimes the Scots fashion the horns of the haggis into pipes to smoke herbs from. Sometimes they use them as piping for toilets and sometimes they just put the horns in the bin. And yeah, that’s all true… I didn’t make a single letter of that up. Seriously, I didn’t invent the alphabet! That certainly would be a bold claim!

After spending the weekend with my family here I’m heading to Cheddar to meet my wonderful friend who is travelling around the UK and ROI at the moment. We’re spending a day or two in Cheddar and then a few days in Glastonbury. Having lived in Somerset for a number of years when I was younger I am the perfect candidate for ‘Tour-Guide for Cheddar and Glasto!’ I’m excited for what’s to come! This week and beyond!

You’re amazing!

I’ll write soon. I love you.

Namaste! LIVE! LOVE! PLAY!