Here’s something more mysterious and enigmatic than my usual post… And it takes you by surprise, the direction I go in with it. Got a lot of mixed emotions to flow through at the moment! So here you go… Today’s blog post…

A bird of prey riding the current of the wind. The sun burning through the clouds, shining into the valley below. The energy glistening in a dance of ages – eternal, like gods and goddess’s of Olympus gliding in sync by the light on an open log fire.

I love it here. Where ever I go, a piece of my heart will always be in Somerset. Not just lovers lost, but in the air, the earth, the water, the trees. My heart resides in the energy of serenity which seeps out of every crevice of beauty in this haven. If anywhere in the heart of England, it is Somerset. And it does have my heart.

Still, even with this countryside, the energy, the freedom of the earth, wind and trees… The cool night air when it hits your face and swirls around your neck in a sensation which is like no other… I don’t feel free.

I feel restricted. Bound. Limited. My question is… Do I carry this with me all the time? Or do I carry the energetic tendency to be in alignment with such a feeling? Am I trapped? Or am I just in alignment with feeling trapped? Either way, I supposed I am trapped. Which would answer my questions about a lot of my experiences of late. People want freedom and attract attachment. Others want truth but refuse to be honest or to listen to honesty. Some want to talk but about nothing of depth.

So, trapped where? How? Why? In what way? By which belief? At home I felt trapped. Here I feel trapped. Will this continue? Will I carry it with me elsewhere?

Freedom is a state of mind. Prison is a state of mind. Where is the freedom within my mind? How does it feel? Where does it truly reside?

For me, Self-expression is key; Happiness is key; Freedom of movement is key; Balance is key. These things cost nothing but the weight of belief and of ego.

here's a picture mostly sky
here’s a picture mostly sky. but it’s a good bit of sky


I continue on my search of substance. Loving all who greet with me a smile. My family, I love. This earth, I love. And myself, I am beginning to love. I am providing myself with opportunity after opportunity to make choices which are most self-loving. Most are not easy choices to make. But these are the choices which will define my experiences in the future.

Time must be taken. The first leg of this journey, is truly yet to begin!

It amazes me how easily I pick up the patterns, feelings and – most of all – limiting beliefs, that those around me have. I’m noticing that biiiig time!

Anyway, I will write more soon and I am growing tiredness now and I wish to speak with my friend of Skype before I retire for the night!

I love you.

You’re amazing.

I’ll write to you again very soon.

Namaste! Live, love and play.


here's another picture of mainly sky. Buuuuut sky is good.
here’s another picture of mainly sky. Buuuuut sky is good.