Some days turn out exactly as you expect them too. Some days don’t. Today was one of the days which didn’t. It was a bit of a wide ride. I would tell you every detail but I want to respect the privacy of those who were involved! It would suffice to say that I had my ‘I am a burden’ trigger brought up again today and saw it from a new angle. I was able to work with the trigger today and learn a new way to deal with it.

These triggers always come from the most unlikely of sources. We often find that we are shown something about ourselves by a mirror – so to speak – that we’ve never even looked in before. It’s a careful and graceful reminder from the Tao that we are all one and that everyone we attract into our experience is both of a matching resonance to our frequency and a mirror which reflects us and shows us ourselves.


So tomorrow I set off to Cheddar to meet an awesome human with whom I will be spending the rest of the week! I am acting tour-guide which will be fun!

Below I’ve included a picture of Cheddar…

GET IT?! (The joke is that this sort of cheese actually originates from the place called Cheddar where I’ll be staying tomorrow night. The cheese takes it name from the town of Cheddar!)

Joking aside, I will be sharing some more photos and tales of my exploits over the next week in future posts! Be sure to keep on reeeaaading!

I love you.

You’re amazing!

Speak soon!

Namaste! Live! Love! Play!