So here we are in Glastonbury in an amazing B&B called Apple! I intended write to you yesterday but the Youth Hostel we stayed in had no wi-fi, so naturally it was difficult to get on the internet let alone write a blog post and upload it!

The world outside the cave...
The world outside the cave…

The day was absolutely awesome yesterday though! My friend and I met up late morning and as the weather was a bit damp we decided to go to The Cafe in the centre of Cheddar. We spent most of the day there actually and when the weather cleared up for a while in the afternoon we took a stroll up the Gorge. The people at The Cafe were kind enough to let us leave our heavy bags and laptops with them! That was a relief!

We walked about half way up the Gorge and it began to pelt it down which was good fun! We saw all the local awesomeness though! We saw the Shoats/Geep (The off-spring of randy goats and domesticated sheep) up on the slopes of the Gorge. We saw a couple getting frisky in their parked car hidden up the Gorge. My friend and I both slipped up at one point too! I slipped down a very muddy slope and nearly knocked her over and at one point she fell off of a curb into the road. That was funny.

After seeing all the sights, meeting a lovely elderly couple in The Cafe and making friends with the staff there we checked-in to the Youth Hostel and got comfortable in our room! We then spent the evening sharing stories from our lives and delving quite deep into our subconscious – as you’d expect I would, I’m sure, having seen my blog posts in the past.

The Gorge in all it's GORGEous glory!
The Gorge in all it’s GORGEous glory!


My friend and I set of from the Hostel late morning and sought a bus to Wells which would take us to the station where we could get a second bus to Glastonbury. The beauty of Somerset is shown in what happened when we arrived at the bus stop. My friend and I were speaking about how we were getting two buses – one to Wells from Cheddar and one to Glastonbury from Wells – and how we wanted to make sure we timed it well. While we were discussing this a kind man at the stop chipped in to tell us that another bus would be stopping at the stop we were at which would take us straight through to Glastonbury. About 5 minutes later there were 3 “old dears” gathered around us all trying to help us figure out which was the best bus to get. We ended up waiting a little longer, paying less money for a ticket and getting to Glastonbury at the same time. Yay for compassion, kindness and the elderly!

For those of you who aren’t aware… Glastonbury is England’s spiritual haven. It’s full of amazing places, beautiful energy and awesome experiences waiting to happen. Glastonbury is alive with crystal shops, alternative clothing shops, amazing little vegan and vegetarian cafes, energetic hotspots, rich cultural history, amazing religious and political history, almost-ancient ruins, street-performers and bloody lovely people! And if you visit at the right time you’ll get a great market too!

We set off at about half one (which felt like 6pm to us because we had woken up early and travelled quite a bit too) today on foot, into Glastonbury. Our intention was to explore the town a little more deeply. Having lived close by for a number of years earlier in my life and having a girlfriend who lived in one of the surrounding villages, I have come to know the area quite well. My friend however, who is visiting from abroad, has never seen Glastonbury before.

We walked down the high street and were hit by a shower of rain so we decided to duck into the Blue Note Cafe on the high street. If you’re ever in Glastonbury; I’d highly recommend it. The Blue Note Cafe is one of my favourite places to go for a drink and a bite to eat in Glastonbury. After we finished in the Blue Note we did a bit of light shopping – I use the term ‘light’ loosely. We visited the Earthfare the health food and holistic shop, The Crystal Man crystal shop (which you can see in one of my old video blogs from Glastonbury), this awesome hemp shop and a few other places.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting up nice and early and doing a bit more exploration! Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Will it be Chalice Well? Will it be Gog and Magog the ancient magical trees? Will it be Glastonbury Abbey? Or will it be Glastonbury Tor?

The Isle of Avalon; Glastonbury Tor
The Isle of Avalon; Glastonbury Tor behind some trees.

I will write soon.

I love you.


Live to love and play! ❤