Hello! Today was amaaaazing! Lots of walking – sore legs. We cleansed our crystals at Chalice Well, walked around and took a lot of photos. I’ll share some of them below. I have several things to share with you! I’m quite tired from all the walking today though so I won’t be writing too much!

Chalice Well

Entrance to Chalice Well


A branch that I found and took a photo of. All adorned and shit.
A branch that I found and took a photo of. All adorned and shit.

“What was hard becomes soft.
The trees growing on,
What’s lost is come one.

Where ever the purest of motions is felt stronger
home in a moment of ever sweet song.

The beauty, the oneness, the ocean of bliss
In hearts pure felt song now,
We come one here with this.”

The Well! Vesica Pisces metal bit!
The Well! Vesica Pisces metal bit!

The Isle Of Avalon: Tor

We visited the Tor this afternoon and had such an amazing experience. The energy at Glastonbury Tor is so powerful as it’s where all the leylines converge – as you can see in one of my previous blog posts. The energetic atmosphere at the Tor is so amazing, it really does feel as though the veil between the third dimension and the less physical dimensions are thinner there. For the first time ever I felt the urge to start chanting today. First when we were at Chalice well and then when we were at the Tor. It was more of a channelled song that it was a chant. It was beautiful. Both my friend and I sung it in harmony.

While we were there, we were open to higher dimensions and a grander more aligned way of being. This is energy which will stay with us for a long time now, and if we are able to ground it, it will stay with us for our lifetime. While we were standing on this amazing hill with gorgeous views as far as the eye can see, we met an awesome guy called Colin. He literally just appeared to us and he and I connected instantly. The increase in the oneness vibrational frequency where we were allowed me to feel him more than I would normally feel someone. I knew him, I see him.


On top of what happened there with Colin, there was other amazing feelings of oneness which washed over both myself and my friend. There were two crows flying around near the peak of the hill where we stood in the archway of the Tor. We tuned in with the crows and adopted their perspective for a short time. We glided through the sky, experiencing the world through the eyes of a crow. An older couple joined us at the Tor after a little while and they were accompanied two small black dogs. After we had been there for a while Colin, the crows, the older couple, their dogs, my friend and I were accompanied by a lady who leaned up against the outside of one of the walls of the Tor. The lady was silent, her eyes closed, her head down.

It soon became clear to us that each person there was a manifestation of our subconscious. Colin; The amazed, present, aware, happy and peaceful element. The crows; The perspective. The older couple; Experience of and attachment to the conventional. The couple’s little black dogs; Playfulness – in particular playfulness in relation to the conventional. The silent lady; the still, calm, centred element.

On our way down from the Tor my friend had the urge to pop into a Juice bar along the road we were walking. Not to buy any juice but to see something. That something happened to be a rather playful cat named Arthur. Arthur scratched me, which I thought was a little harsh if I’m honest.

“In amongst the oceanCast away, just be
The tranquillity of openness
As far as eyes can see

As ravens bringing messages
of what is yet to come
Walk bridges to each one another
We open to the love”

All-in-all, it’s been an amaaazing day and I’m going to sleep very, very well tonight. So now it’s time for some food and some Mighty Boosh!

I’ll write soon!

I love you.


Live, love and play!