We visited the Abbey today which is somewhere I’ve never been during any of my visits to Glasto before. And the elements have unfolded in a rather interesting way. It was an amazing experience in which we had an encounter with each of the elements in their purest forms. Each encounter paved the way for the next as they cascaded out in front of us in tandem.



With yesterday’s visit to the Tor we got a ‘top-up’-of-sorts of air energy. We were connected to the air in being at the Tor and in experiencing the energetic perspectives of the crows as they flew in circles over the valley below us. As I said, we got a ‘top-up’ of air energy which was really more of the re-awakening of certain parts of our perspectives in the form of a reminder. This awakening we received while we were at the Tor was deepened and intensified by the connection we shared with the crows there. The crows, by the way, have been following us around since. Everywhere we’ve gone, two crows. Sometimes even as many as seven!


Once we were in the Abbey grounds we took and seat and began to indirectly take in and adjust to the energy there. After walking through the main building we meandered down a path which lead us to a pond. A few moments before I had thought to myself how I’d like to be close to some water, then there it was. We took a seat by the water and began to adjust to it’s energy. I allowed my eyes to relax and my centre to drop into the earth’s core. After about a minute I began to see the energy of the pond comes to life. The ripples of the waves, the current of the water as it was slowly and calmly guided by the breeze. There were a few small rocks and twigs sticking out from the deeper parts of the pond. Around these parts I began to see the energy most intensely. It came to life; it was like the energetic, ethereal version of electrical static. It was pulsing strongly and rapidly – water has such a high vibration, which is why it has the cleansing properties that it does.

IMG_2762As I sat by the side of the pond an insight came to me. The value of contrast because so clear to me after I had noticed that the energy was at it’s strongest and most visible around the points where the twigs and rocks were piercing the surface of water. Without any real thought to it’s poetic nature, or to that of it’s untimely truth, I uttered the phrase: “What’s steadfast, you move past.” This is was the energy showed me. It’s yet another reminder of ‘What you resist, persists.’

I stood to take in the absolute beauty of the water in front of me and began to surrender myself to it’s energy and another insight came to me, this time a more personal insight. “The intensity beckons.” For those of you who know me personally, you will know that I have a tendency to be quite intense and so naturally anything of a perpetually intense vibration will attract me and be attracted by me, it will beckon me to come into it’s depths. If temperature and big fish weren’t a thing I would have really surrender to the energy and jumped into the water for a swim. As a second resort, I chose to channel my focus into the energetic perspective of the very large fish who were living in the pond.


As we left the pond-side bench and continued around the Abbey grounds – on our our saunter to nowhere – we came to a small, less trodden path which was covered with wood-shavings for the most part. I summoned my friend to join me in walking it and we came to a bench facing a large, ancient tree. This glorious tree was surrounded by badger sets. My friend informed me that one of the animal energies I carry with me in that of the Badger, along with that of the wild Wolf. I thought it quint, then, that we had happened upon a large badger set. After a short meditation, which was geared towards re-connecting once again with the core of the Earth, I decided to connect energetically with a badger who was willing and open to have me share their energetic perspective for a time. I chose to do this in order to deepen and intensify my connection to the Earth once again.

After about fifteen minutes we moved on. My friend and I were chatting about the different archetypal energies different people carry. There are many different elements and dimensions of these archetypes too. There are animal archetypes: for me it’s the wolf and the badger, for my friend it’s the cat. There are ancient and medieval archetypes like Arthur and Merlin: My friend and I both carry the Merlin archetype in relationship to this group of energies. The Merlin energy is mystical, wise and connected with the elements. There are also the mystical races archetypes, like elves, dwarves, faeries, nords, so on and so forth; my friend carries the fae energy in a large way, and I tend to adopt different forms of energy based on where I am and which energy is most easy to connect to.

Each of these mystical race archetypes connects most to a particular element of group of elements. The dwarves connect more to fire, the fae connect more to the earth, elves connect to water, nords to earth. Each archetype connects to the elements in a different way too. There are no limits to these archetypes, one can blend with another.



As we were leaving the Abbey grounds, a lady at the counter encouraged us to have a look at this chapel which was tucked out of the way but still on the grounds. As I walked into the chapel I felt a big shift of energy. Like a weight has been lifted. There were candles there which was perfectly synchronised and allowed me to connect with the fire energy. It was a beautiful moment. I lit to candle before I noticed that they ask for a minimum of a twenty pence donation. My energy felt funny for a moment, then I read the notice. I looked in my little coin-pouch and didn’t have much change, except for a single twenty pence piece.


As we stood in the chapel, the urge to chant one again washed over us. Before too long we had begun ‘aahing’ and then it became more honed, more focused. I began chanting, “Sat Nam. Ohm. Tho Hum.” Sat Nam is a Sikh affirmation of the truth of God. For me, ‘Sat Nam’ essentially means, we are one, this is truth. ‘Ohm’ is, of course, something we are all familiar with. ‘Ohm’ and ‘Tho Hum’ are geared towards the stimulation of the Third Eye chakra and it’s physical counter-part. My friend and I both chanted in harmony, in rounds, for about 10 minutes.

Upon exiting the Abbey grounds I felt genuinely high. It was like I’d smoked a massive spliff or something. I was at such an energetic high, such a high vibration that I felt amazing. I felt at one, at peace. And I still do now. The feeling I had when we left was a renewed version of the feeling I felt yesterday after we left the Tor – minus the extreme tiredness.

I’ll write soon.

I love you.


Live to love and play!