I’ve been talking about how my life is changing a lot recently. I’ve spoken about what love really is quite a bit lately as well. I’ve been showing you what I’ve been up to on my travels. But in all of these stories, there’s one thing I’m yet to tell you about. There’s something big which has swung all of my life into this change.

For about 4/5 years I had been in a relationship. We concreted our relationship when we were both 16 and stayed together for 4 years. Before that we were on and off for a while. About 2 years ago we moved in together. All the YouTube videos you’ve ever seen of me (which were filmed at my home) have been filmed in the living room – or occasionally the bedroom – here at this flat.

In December last year my ex-partner and I realised that we weren’t really happy. We noticed that we hadn’t been for a while and that we were just sort of ‘putting up’ with each other. Which is not a healthy relationship. Before we noticed this we had discussed moving into a bigger home and when that didn’t happen we decided to re-kit-out our current home. We now realise that all of these things were plasters for how we really felt. We weren’t happy, we hadn’t been for a long time. It was less of a relationship by the end and more of a really good friendship that occasionally spelled intimacy. We were both emotionally, spiritual, mentally mature enough to see that it wasn’t working and to stop it in it’s tracks before it either made both of us ill or blew up in our faces.

When we both came to terms with the fact that we weren’t happy and that we couldn’t give each other what we really wanted/need, we decided we would call it a day. We thought we would quit while we were ahead and still got along as good, if not the best of, friends. That way we wouldn’t lose each other all together. We could both see that if we stuck with the ‘relationship’ for any longer, we’d end up hating each other and would never want to even be in the same room. That’s a difficult pill to swallow for both me and her and for my family too, whom she had gotten very close too. My mum and little sisters love her to bits, so she will always be part of the family. Nothing will change there.

The Vision Unfolds

Upon accepting this fate I began to craft a vision of a new life for myself. Periodically I have taken time to grieve the end of the relationship as it stood before and in the times where I felt good about the future I would work on my vision. For a long time my idea was pretty vague, I planned to visit some people in this country and then maybe settle somewhere. Then that vision developed into visiting some friends whom I’ve become close to and, by this time next year, living in a communal living situation with people all around me who are on the same wavelength as me. People who are honest, open and loving. People who are compassionate to others and compassionate enough to themselves to look at their own shadow aspects and work with them.

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

This picture of national travel and building a home, which would become spiritual sanctuary, became my primary focus. During my visit to Glastonbury last week, myself and a friend visited Glastonbury Tor. For those of you who aren’t aware, Glastonbury Tor is on St. Michaels Ley and it’s a nodal point where a crazy amount of ley lines converge. While we were there, we received many blasts of energy. We received elemental energy, healing energy, St Michaels energy, ancient energy, the list goes on. After visiting the Tor, an updated version of my vision unfolded.

I decided my initial plan for the year would stay the same; I would travel around England and meet these amazing people, spend time with them and build bridges, while doing this I would save money to invest into a communal living situation and in time establish that. The next level then unfolded in a way that I can only describe as a ‘vision of a potential’, a potential that I would imagine my guides and all the other sorts of beings which are contributing to my experience would like me to make a reality. The potential was that I would travel the world, using the commune as a base, and visit each of the most powerful ley line nodes across the world as well as the world’s chakras. The vision would be to do this with an entourage of people; some would come with me from the communal home and some we would meet up with along the way.

My research has yet to provide me with the exact locations for all of my stops on this journey. So far, however, I have decided on several destinations. Lake Titicaca between Bolivia and Peru (Sacral Chakra of the world), The Giza Plateau, Angkor Wat, Easter Island, Machupicchu and Uluru. I’d also like to visit China and India. These are just some of the places I’ll be visiting and some of them may be removed from the list at some point for the time being. My aim is to visit the most powerful points first and make some connections there. The idea is that the web of spiritual connection between people that I am building worldwide will be reinforced and enhanced by the nodal points of the web being the nodal points of Earth’s energy field. This is the vision.

In short, I am building an entourage and saving for a house this year. Next year I begin travelling, with the entourage, to new places worldwide which are ley line nodes, while doing this – and receiving ‘blasts’ of energy from each energetic hotspot – build the network worldwide.

Are you with me? Who’s coming along for the ride?!

I love you.


Live! Love! Play!