Monday – Early Afternoon

As we all know the universe is not without a sense of humour and it has a wicked one – thus, life is not without natural comedy. Comedy always emerges when I’m around my Mum and sisters. When they are in a good mood and are relaxed they are always, without fail, absolutely hilarious. It is my heart-felt belief that behind closed doors, we all are. (We just put on a show and play the role of a ‘proper person’ in life and pretend to not be as hilarious as we really are). Each of my sisters have a different sense of humour and they always make me laugh for such different reasons.

The youngest of my sisters just asked me if I’d heard of Miley Cyrus. I told her I had and that I wasn’t too impressed by what I’ve seen. She then told me that Miley was taught to write with her left hand. To which I replied, “Was that when she was at Hogwarts?” My sister looked at me with a confused and unimpressed face and I left the room. Her facial expressions make any exchange ridiculously funny. It’s in moments like that, that I love being around my family.

There are many moments when I really appreciate how brilliant my family is. I was sleeping on the sofa last night and while I was in the toilet my Mum had set up some covers and a pillow for me to use for the night. She stood in the living room doorway waiting for me to return from the toilet with a sheepish grin on her face. I was wondering why she had such a face on as I knew she was sorting my bedsheets out. I was thinking, ‘In sorting out bedsheets, what could possibly happen that would warrant a sheepish expression like that?’

I walked into the room and noticed what it was. I wasn’t too bothered by this, it’s just bed sheets after all. But, as Mum’s do, my Mum was a little sheepish about giving me these particular sheets. The sheets were all pink with the Me-To-You ‘Tatty Teddy’ on. It could have been worse, they could have been all Barbie, or Miley Cyrus… Or GODFORBID bloody One Direction. Or “Some Ways,” “Five Directions,” or “Shite Directions” as I like to call them to wind my sisters up. My Mum has given me “boy sheets” tonight. Again, I’m not too bothered by the colour or design of the bed sheets I sleep under. Though I can see the comedy in it. I will change the covers to “boy sheets” in a short while.

Emotional Investment

On a more serious note, I am currently learning about the value of energy application – where and when to withdraw my energy and where and when to apply my attention and focus. It’s been an on-going theme recently. I keep getting close to people and then getting my energy drained, or feeling used up or unappreciated. It’s time for that to stop, and so now I’ll be creating some rules surrounding who I give my energy to, who gets more attention and affection than others and who is worth my full attention. That is not to say that some people are more worthy of love than others but rather it is to say that some people will value my love, attention, affection, focus and insight more than others. Those who value my presence will see more of me, those who do not will see less of me.

My new rules will be based on the idea that if I would not be happy actually living as someone, then I should not get intimate with them. Intimacy for me is not just about sex, but rather it’s about high levels of energy application, focus and emotional investment in the actions, words and choices of another. And yeah, sometimes sex. Naturally, I wouldn’t want to be getting emotionally invested in or emotionally enveloped by someone who is going to cause me suffering. Of course, we understand the value of pain, negativity and yes even suffering, that said we would sldo want to avoid any unnecessary or unnecessarily painful experiences. It is for these reasons that I have created my new rules.

My new rules for emotional investment:

  • Ask myself, “If I were to give up everything that is me and live life as them, would I be happy to do that?”
  • Assess their archetypes and see if they correlate well with mine – astrology, energetic bundles (i.e: faery etc), starseed energies, elemental resonance, so on and so forth.
  • Understand their patterns and see if they work well with my own – this may take anything from 1 week to 1 month.
  • Measure the connection versus the practicality – If there is a great connection and it were to become a romantic entanglement would it be practical?
  • Ask myself, “Do they meet over half of the criteria of my list of traits that I would like people in my life to possess?”
  • Learn what their interested in Spirituality is – Do they find it interesting or intriguing from a philosophical point of view and use it to work through their emotional issues? Or do they use it as a way to validate their feeling of brokenness and thus latch on to others to feel ‘fixed’?
  • Learn what they want from me – Do they want someone to enjoy the company of, or do they want to be fixed?
  • Learn if they are open to looking at their shadow-sides in order to improve their average level of happiness.

I’m sure this list will build over time, but this is what I have so far. I think it’s a pretty good basis for determining the level of emotional investment I have in chakra-system1someone. The intention here is not to decide who I want to ignore and cut out of my life and who I want to be friends with. Rather, it’s to determine how much I am emotionally invested or withdrawn from what is happening for that person and how that may affect me. The reason behind the whole thing is so that I can allow myself to only get ‘in deep’ with those who will inspire me and lift me up.

How do you determine whether or not you will invest your time, energy and focus in someone? Let me know in the comments!

You’re amazing!

I love you!


Live, love and play!