Saturday – Early Morning

I have just been reading TEAL’s latest blog post and it provided me with so much clarity on my path and my mission. I will write about this later when I have more time. Right now, I am speaking to a friend over Facebook messenger. This friend and I have come together because of our resistance to being alone. In speaking to her about how we can work through this, I said something which I now realise is incredibly true.

“Sometimes I say “fuck it” to even having friends – this allows me to release resistance to it and allows friends into my life! I see now, in saying this to you, that the trick of it is that our resistance is not to having friends who are a certain way, but to NOT having friends… This is obvious though, I’m sure. We have a fear of having no friends which is causing us to feel alone even when we are around people who would make us feel good. So when we realise that the fear of having no friends is actually much worse – much more painful – than actually not having friends then our perspective shifts!”

Saturday – Mid-Afternoon

In relation to my path on Earth and the role I am playing and am to play in the coming years, I have come to a realisation. I see now that in what I am doing, I must create an ethereal-concrete network, not just an online one. A network which will withstand the test of time. I must also ensure that this network will be built in a way that it can be upheld without my presence to maintain it. Making sure that each nodal point is secure and that the networks’ members are as passionate about it as I am. What I’m doing will challenge the way that many people see the world and it may cause upset for many people. That is not my intention, however it may be an unavoidable eventuality. It’s for this reason that I must ensure that my work is timeless and will stand with or without me continuing to play my part.

Here is a picture of a library

Record Keeper

For those who have spoken to me in-person or with our faces and voices over skype, you will be aware that – when I’m properly tuned in – you can literally ask me any question and receive an answer for it. My current understanding on the following subject matter is based on personal experience and is clouded by ego. As the concept develops, I’ll share it with you. Record Keepers can answer any question pretty much, on anything, or on their area of chosen focus. However, speaking about their essential nature is information that only the most advanced, aged and wise Keepers have access to. That much I can tell you for sure.

Another realisation that I have had today is about my abilities. Many of you will be unaware of this but it has become known to me of late that I am an Akashic Record Keeper. What this really means and the extent of this is currently still a mystery to me. However, I am learning new information on the topic all the time. One thing which is a big part of this, I feel, is that I have incarnated with pretty much all of the ‘starseed energies’. My speculation on the role of a Record Keeper is that me and people like me have access to the information present in the Records on a more natural level – we can retrieve the information present there so easily that it seems as though we aren’t even tapping in.

When people access the Akashic Records they usually go deep into a meditative trance. Record Keepers have access to the information as though it’s readily available and all out on a table – as opposed to somewhere in the back of a cupboard with mental clutter all in the way. The Akashic Records are essentially complete and so nothing is being added to it. People like myself are able to access this information and bring it back as easy as one might be able to pour themselves a glass of water. Record Keepers are also able to easily conceptualise hard-to-comprehend ‘higher dimensional’ information. We are able to conceptualise infinity and higher dimensions as we’re not entirely rooted in the third dimension. (The blessing I have is that my personality is incredibility grounded and so I don’t get lost in the higher dimensional concepts) The channel between the third dimension and others is open and clear most of the time for us. This can be achieved by anybody and it is not a gift specific to the Keepers, but it is something that the Keepers find is naturally easy to do.

Another big part too is my empathy; My ability to read, understand and sometimes fully adopt the perspective of others. Often people open up to me in a way which they do not open to others. They find it easy to trust me and many people come to me for advice. I love it that people come to me and I love being able to help them. I feel that my role as a Record Keeper may play a part in this openness and honesty that others find so natural while around me. That remains to be seen, we shall see that one unfold as time goes on!

It is my understanding that this is the case. However, my ego has been a difficult one with this matter! I will continue to write on this as the concept develops.

I love you.

You’re amazing!


Live! Love! Play!