6e6702de9c5911e3af880ede7ea704c1_8Sunday – Early Early Morning

All packed and ready for Somerset! By next week this lot will be down-sized to one rucksack as I’ll be leaving some clothes with m’Dad. Then it’s the open road! Having spent a week here with my mum, step-dad, sisters and little brother; I’m now moving on to my Dads for a few weeks. While I’m in Somerset I’ll be staying with my grand parents who live around the corner from my dad. In my time there I’ll be working on honing my online business so that I can keep travelling and earn more money than I have been! Once honed, my online business will provide me with more then enough money to travel and continue to build the network that I have been building for the last two years. It’s all very exciting stuff!

Sunday – Mid-Afternoon

I have arrived in Somerset! Alas, I did not need a dingy! As my Dad assured me, this particular part of Somerset is dry… ish… In this time of realisation we are in this weekend, I have come to see that spending a week at my Mum’s and then two weeks at my Dad’s will provide me with the contrast necessary to see exactly how I want to live. In conversation with my Mum earlier she said to me that her house is ‘clean but never tidy,’ this is natural because my 2-year old little brother is just the anti-tidy child – as most 2-year old boys are. In speaking to my Dad after that, he expressed how his place is very clean and tidy. This has shown me the balanced state between which I can now cherish.

Another contrast between the ways my two parents do things is that they both start with a plan and my Mum often likes to get as much done in as little time as possible, whereas my Dad will set a plan out and spend as much time as is needed over each thing. The balance between the two in one of feeling-based actions built on a skeleton of a plan. This is something I live with already and so this experience of contrast is enough to reinforce my current desire to balance the masculine and feminine energy in my conduct.

Other realisations today have included how absolutely amazing my Mum is. She just continues to amaze me with how kind-hearted, loving and generous mum and me on my birthday croppedshe is. I won’t go into the details here and anything do say in the way of explaining how amazing she really is would just limit my feeling. Needless to say, I am so grateful that my mum is my mum. She’s just the most amazing mum in the world.

I’m heading over to my Gran and Pop’s house this evening to settle in my room there and sleep like a new-born kitten! Then tomorrow I’m working for about seven hours or so which will bump up my wages for the month (YAY) and enable me to get everything on my ‘Travellers Shopping List’, including a new rucksack which will have space for my laptop in it and a sketch pad!

I’ll write soon!

You’re amazing!

I love you!


Live! Love! Play!