Tuesday – Mid-Morning

The crows are out again today, flanking me at every turn. It’s wonderful to have such a supportive message from the universe. In seeing that, I’m reminded that now is the time when my entire future will unfold – from this moment here, right now, is when everything in my life begins to fall into place. And that’s a phenomenal feeling.

Brokkr's Anvil
Brokkr’s Anvil

Our entire life’s experiences accumulate to create who we are in the moment. The entire universe conspires to bring together the elements of you that make you, you. And you, I and everyone here on this pale blue dot is the accumulation of an entire life time – admittedly, of varying lengths – of experiences. Not only that, we are the result of universal energy combining elements – which are seemingly disparate from the perspective of an untrained eye – to create a perfect, wonderful, unique expression of the love that is Source.

You and me and everything are the love-children of the universe.

Tuesday – Late-Morning

I love having deep IMG_2974conversations with people where I am asked questions. I seem to gather more in-depth universal knowledge when I am asked a question and can dip into the Records and pull out an answer. The answers which comes as a result of questions are always the most expansive and amazing concepts.

Today I was speaking to a friend about death and what happens to source-streams (souls) when we die. She asked me about a dream she had where her grand-mother was holding her as a baby. I told her that it was a possibility that the grand-mother in her dream was in fact the energy of her grand-mother. I then added that because we are all one anyway, what she perceived as her grand-mother was really herself – or her own energy – because it was the energy of the universe at large which we are all an extension or expression of. However, the comfort that comes with the feeling that it is in fact the energy of her grand-mother would have been beneficial for the message that was to be portrayed via the dream. Here is what I said/learned… (I’ll put what I said in italics so it’s easy to see who said what)

“One way of describing [death] is that when we incarnate we focus our source-stream primarily into our physical form. When we ‘die’ we withdraw that energy back into non-physical dimensions and focus less into the third.”

My friend then responded: “But what happens to the ‘person’ that we were? Personality etc.”

I replied: “Well the ego – Which is the illusion of separateness – is pretty much a third dimension thing. It’s less prevalent in higher dimensions but is still sort of intact. It’s just there without the resistance.”


“All of time is happening at once, it’s less of a linear construct like our third dimensional mind would prefer to perceive it as – mostly for ease. We perceive time to continue on in a linear fashion in a forwards motion with the rate of decay in play as that’s what will benefit expansion most and also, the majority of the universal consciousness believes this to be the case and so it is.

So every single life which is has ever been lived in every time-window, in every place is still in motion. Every moment is still at play. All potentials are also in play. It’s a case of whether we will line-up with them. The past is easy to explain. The future gets more complicated from our 3D/4D perspective.”

My friend replied: “Wait, so for the sake of understanding, my grandma is still alive but non-physically? And if I line up with an encounter it may be in whichever ‘era’ of her physical life that I line up with in that moment? As in, I may have an encounter with her when she was in her 20s before I would ever have physically known her – If that encounter would serve my expansion and also hers? And everything’s expansion, right?”

To which I responded: “Yeah, everything’s expansion. The question would be… Can you gain said expansion from an experience which would not bend the time-space continuum? hahahah

The way you would line up with an experience of her is either: 1. you would have to be out of body/in a lucid dream state. 2. you would have you be where she was at a certain point of her life and from both experiences/perspectives higher dimensional states would have to be aligned with, or at least breached.

Does that make sense? It’s like a window being smashed form both sides.

So like, if I was in a trance in a desert somewhere and was at the same spot, or close to the same spot, where a bunch of shamans were doing the same thing, we would perceive each other. In order for that to happen though a significant portion of one’s source stream would have to be focused non-physically which would be difficult to do without going out of body or or without the use of some form of mind-altering substance. AND once you’re out of body, you’re not limited to where your physical body is, so [your geographical location] doesn’t matter too much anyway!

SO, basically… The crux is: The way that you have connected with her is the most beneficial for expansion of all the ways and also the ‘easiest’ – though the universe doesn’t really consider effort as a factor, it’s like water and it flows.”

This is why I love being a Record Keeper and it’s why I love having in-depth conversations with my friends! I love it when people to me with questions! I always learn something new when this happens and it’s always massively beneficial information to have! It always helps the asker of the question too! What is interesting is that death – as a topic for conversation – although is not the most cheery of subjects had popped up in conversation once today before this entire conversation too. I am curious as to why this is to case. I guess time will tell! Though the fact that I am to be speaking to a ‘Paranormal Investigator’ this week and could potentially be adding a visit to where she lives into my list of travel destinations could be a contributing factor.

I will write more on this soon!

You’re amazing!

I love you!


Live, love and play!