I hadn’t written for a few days, so I wanted to tell you about what’s been going on for me. Life is very good at the moment! All of what I want from life is coming to me in the most amazing way. I have a steady financial flow for the first time in my life, I have a group of friends developing – all of whom I love dearly and… I’ve met someone.
So let’s first discuss the nature of my travels for the next month, then I’ll tell you about my group of friends and we can finish on the details of my new ‘love interest’.

Ticket To Ride

As I’ve detailed in recent posts, I am currently visiting my family in Somerset and will be here for a few more weeks. I will leave here towards the end of the middle of the month – that’s the best way to describe it without laying out my entire plan day-by-day for you! (I could do that, but I don’t feel it would add much to this blog post – apart from more words and less meaning) Once I leave here I will be going to Southampton where I will spend a single night alone at a B&B and then a weekend with this new ‘love interest’ of mine. (She’s amazing by the way, but we’ll get to that) After spending the weekend with her I will then go to my good friend Chani’s home and stay with her until early April.

Chani and I have discussed that in our time together we may work on several projects. These could be videos, audios, anything. I don’t know exactly what we will end up doing yet! Whatever we end up working on together will be amazing though. We also plan to do some group meditations with her housemates and, as we’re both musicians, play some music together too! I’m thoroughly excited for this time with Chani. Her and I have so much in common that it would be a sin not to be the good friends that we are. We are too similar, yet harmoniously contrasting, that it would be foolish not to work together on something which sates our apatite for spirituality.

This evening's sunset!
This evening’s sunset!

With A Little Help From My Friends

I’m so thrilled that one of my life-long dreams is coming together. When I was younger I would sit and watch the TV show ‘Friends’ and dream of having a small tightly-knit group friends who would always be there for each other – I know… cliche ‘coz of the theme song but yeah. Thankfully, after a while I decided that 90% of everything on TV is a massive pile of wank, so I stopped watching it. However, my dream of having a close circle of friends lived on. And still to this day, what’s really important to me is to have friends with integrity, honesty, openness, compassion and love for themselves, each other and me.
In the last few weeks it has become abundantly clear who will be in my life for an extended period, who is fading out of the bigger picture, who values my presence and attention, who is more interested in just sapping energy and who is really worth having around for the long-haul.

The best news I have to share is that the amount of people I am attracting with air birth signs. Of course I’ve nothing against air signs but it was getting a little ridiculous that I was attracting exclusively people with air signs into my life. However, of late I have begun to attract people with my own birth sign into my life more frequently – which is fantastic news!

My close circle of friends includes this amazing person whom I’ll give you more details on shortly. It also includes my good friend and soul-sistaaaa Chani, an old friend who recently got back in contact – during the retrograde – and has quickly become a very, very close friend of mine again, and last but not least someone who is like me in many ways is going through something at the moment which is very similar to what I have recently been through – in some ways she has more courage than me and in some ways she benefits from my guidance. Chani is Aquarius (air). My old friend is Libra (air) and my new friend is Cancer (water). It’s a beautiful balance of air and water and this circle of friends is growing quickly!

All You Need Is Love

So I supposed you want to know about this ‘love interest’ I’ve been going on about! Okay okay, I’ll tell you a bit about the whole thing! Now, some of you may remember me talking about polyamory as a potential relationship style for my future relationships. It became apparent for me today after discussing the idea with Cancer (my Cancer friend who i’ll now call Cancer for short), that the reason polyamory was so appealing to me before was because I was not having my needs met in my previous relationship.

If we are in a relationship where the channel of our love language(s) runs dry and where we are under-appreciated, then naturally we will desire more. As a result of experiencing this, it became a belief of mine that I would not be satisfied in a monogamous relationship. This could not be further from the truth because recently I have met someone who not only ticks every box I had – and even some I didn’t even know I had – she gives me the most amazing feeling.
When I was on my way to Somerset, I was messaging a good friend on Facebook – the friend whom I spent a week with in Glastonbury in January and whom I will refer to as ‘Virgo’ – and I was telling her all about how I wanted a certain type of person. I told her I wanted someone who has the same birth sign as me, someone who is adventurous, someone who is beautiful and has brown hair, someone fun, someone open-minded, someone intelligent, someone who shares my vision and someone who is passionate about spirituality like I am. I also said that I would love to meet them in Southampton. Now, the universe has a cheeky sense of humour because that is where her and I will be spending a few days together later this month.
On that day and for the next three days after affirming my desires to myself and my friend, I spent an entire minute focusing on these desires. Every day at 11:11am, I would review that list in my mind and envision the sort of person I was attracting. I told Virgo that this person I desired was coming to me and that I could feel it. I said it would be amazing. This amazing person found me a three days after this conversation with Virgo. She and I began talking and haven’t stopped since.

You know when you have met the right person for you because you see through the more ego-based desires you had before. For example, my desire for polyamory before was based on my need to feel loved, approved of and appreciated – I believed I couldn’t have enough love, approval or appreciation from one person because I had barely received any from my ex for about five years. As soon as I started to talk to this new person, I felt my energy lift… I felt my happiness soar… Like every cell in my body had brand new life being breathed into it! For the first time in years, I felt true, honest, open and irrevocable love.
Every word exchanged since has built on and intensified this feeling of love. Every moment since had seen this love settle into every fibre of my being. Every second since has shown me that love is a many splendoured thing! And now I feel deep, pure, true love once again – and so much more deeply, so much more strongly, so much more intensely than before – the world has come to life in a whole new way; love songs have a meaning again; and I feel amazing. And what is the most beautiful thing about this is that I had just adjusted to being present and centred without a home, which provided me with so much more happiness than I ever had before… And so on top of that happiness, I now have the love of a beautiful woman.

I am literally ecstatic!
I will write soon!
I love you!
Live to love and play, my friends!