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I wrote recently about how good it feels when manifestations come to fruition and how happy I was with what I had manifested. The manifestations I wrote about were to do with friends, travel, love and creating a family. I want to share some info with you on the more day-to-day manifestations as opposed to the larger ‘grand-scheme-of-things’ manifestations.

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m travelling around the UK at the moment and although I’ve displayed that the larger pieces have fallen into place, all of that is less enjoyable when day-to-day life is unhappy. Right now I’m managing to manifest everything I need on a day-to-day basis and sometimes things I don’t need but benefit from and sometimes even things I don’t want (due to my dominant focus). Regardless of *what* I’m manifesting, what’s undeniable is that I am manifesting quickly, powerfully and potently. And I love it.

Earlier in the month I had some issues with money and I was worrying about whether I would be able to travel like I had intended to. A week later I had earned more than enough for a month inside of a week. I’m not talking big cahoonahs, but a luxurious travel budget for someone who is travelling on foot and by public transport with two backpacks. When I was struggling to fund my stay in London (Early April) I kept saying to myself and others, “If I could find somewhere to stay for free, that’d be amazing.”

A few days later a friend of mine who lives in London got in contact with me and said I could stay at her home for two nights while I was there. I was ecstatic about this. After setting the intention and having it come through for me, not only was I excited about having somewhere to stay but the law of attraction showed me it’s truth once again! A week or so went by and I was beginning to get anxious about the other nights that I was in London and where I’d be staying during them.

A few days after I expressed something similar to what I said the first time, I got a text from my friend – the fellow Cancer. She told me that her Mum has a place in London and that if I wanted to, I could stay there with her and her mother for two nights. Once again, I was bouncing off the walls! I was so glad to have things sorted out. The London trip was coming together. I had somewhere to stay for my first two nights, and somewhere to stay for my second two nights. My trip to Stonehenge and Glastonbury was paid for, and it was cheaper than I was expecting. Everything was looking up!

At the moment, I’m unable to afford a ticket to Teal Swan’s workshop in London with this month’s wages. If there are tickets left at the end of this month – once I’ve been paid – I’ll be buying my ticket then. This hasn’t affected me too much, I am open to having the money and making a last minute purchase when it comes to it. Whether I am able to or not will show my point of attraction in a big way.

After I had sorted out the London arrangements, my eye turned to more immediate plans. I began to deliberate my plans for Southampton. I knew that I was staying at Chani’s from a particular date and I knew that I would be with my new Love-Crab for the weekend before that. What was difficult for me, however, was that my lover would arrive in the morning on the first day we were together and my coach would arrive in the evening. The dilemma therefore is that I’d have to find somewhere to stay the night before so that I am there early enough to meet her when she arrives.

I spent a day or two deliberating what I’d do, I considered staying in a B&B. Money was the object of worry, really. As I said, after this month, money will be easier – but right now it’s been a tricky mistress. I got in contact with an old friend who is currently at university in Southampton and began to arrange staying on her couch for a night. The conversation never really got finished and I felt like I was in limbo. I slept on the idea and had some funny dreams, so I decided I didn’t want to do that. Chani and I then spoke about the issue and she kindly and gracefully allowed me to stay with her for the extra night. I love Chani, she’s awesome. And I love the law of attraction.

It just goes to show that when you set your intention and allow yourself to flow in the direction of it, you will see the fruit grow and ripen in days! Beautiful stuff! Speaking of fruit…

Changes In My LifeIMG_3229

Veganism: As many of you will know already, my life has changed drastically in the past few months. Another change I’m toying with the notion of becoming vegan. Being vegan has so many benefits, the health benefits are just one vein of many! This is something I’ll be beginning when I leave for Southampton. I’ll not be a strict vegan, when I’m staying with someone who is vegetarian I don’t intend to make things awkward. My intention is to be vegan when I’m staying with other vegans and when I am buying, cooking or supplying my own food. I’m also going to give up Gluten too soon.

Video Blogs: I now own some new video editing software which means that I have been and will be making new videos very soon! To keep up-to-date with my uploads and my web-series ‘Through Spiritual Eyes: The Animated Series’, click here.

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