Wednesday – Mid-Morning

I leave for Southampton tomorrow!

Lots is going on for me right now… More than those in my immediate environment are even acutely aware of. When I leave tomorrow, I’m travelling to the first place I’ll be staying at where I don’t have family to fall back on! (Apart from when I was back living in my flat and even then my Mum was close by!) That’s a bit nerve-racking. On top of that, I’m meeting a friend who I’ve known for millennia and am yet to fully meet in this life. PLUS I’m meeting someone whom I love so very deeply and whom could end up being somebody that I could build a life with – I also happen to have known her for millennia also. Society is twitching at the idea. I can feel it’s judgemental gaze. But I throw a defiant gaze back and continue on my upward spiral! All of that is exciting on a cosmic level!

Wednesday – Mid-Afternoon

I am thoroughly excited for what the next few weeks hold. And I’m especially excited for what the next week in particular holds. From tomorrow onwards. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA It’s all very exciting and I really am buzzing with enthusiasm. Aside from my admitted anxiety, I feel incredibly good about the next leg of my travels. I feel like in being here in Somerset with the family and friends I’ve been with has been a tremendous learning experience for me, and I feel like I’ve been able to come out of my shell a bit more. I feel as though I’ve “come into my own” too, whatever that means.

As I’ve mentioned before… Over the coming weeks, myself and my friend Chani will be creating all sorts of exciting things, most likely in video format! That’s something I’m looking forward to! And, speaking about new and exciting media… Yesterday I recorded, edited and upload a brand new trailer for my YouTube channel. You can check it out by clicking here. And as well as filming that, I underwent a photo-shoot too. I’ve included a photo from the shoot here. As well as the photo you can see here, you’ll notice a few new images popping up around the site too! For example, there’s a new one on the About Page and another on the Contact Page.

All of these adjustments to my site and my YouTube channel are in aid of a new era for me on the internet. In ‘coming into my own’ within my life, I have decided on a new way to portray myself via the internet. Don’t worry, nothing will change here on the blog in terms of content and such. What I’m adjusting is purely the way that I promote myself. Before, I never really accented the parts of me that were appealing, I would play on what I could make most unappealing. In fact, my mission up until recently with my Instagram was to see how unattractive I could make my face while maintaining friends and romantic interest. The answer is, “very”. I’ve now learned all I want to about that and am trying out something new.

A Short Story

I am something of a social scientist – but a benevolent one. I often like to see how different things might go down in different social situations. This is why often, when I’m uncomfortable or am lacking intellectual stimulation in a social situation, I’ll just say something out of the blue that will cause a stir. I do this purely out of curiosity for what may come of it. An example of this is when I was at my ex’s family’s home.

My ex, her sister and her sister’s husband were all fanatical about Johnny Depp. I don’t mind him as an actor, though it’s a pain when people say I look like him as Captain Jack, JUST because I have dreads. Anyway… I was bored one day while I was there, so I decided I was going to throw something into the pot. I sat up and chimed in on an otherwise dead social occasion with, “I’ve figured out why I don’t like Johnny Depp. I think it’s because he plays the same 4/5 characters in every film he’s in.” Now, I don’t necessarily believe that to be true. But I was bored and feeling experimental. Needless to say, all hell broke loose and I just sat back to watch the sharks fight over my bait. All good fun.

Anyway! I’m leaving for Southampton tomorrow afternoon and will be snapping photos on the way there and once I’m with Chani at hers! I look forward to sharing the tales of my exploits with you. Be prepared for my posts to get EXTRA SPIRITUAL over the coming weeks, as Chani and I will most likely be delving into the deep truths of ourselves and by extension and on purpose the universe at large.

On that note, I’ll leave you to your day. And I hope it’s a phenomenal one!

You’re amazing.

I love you.


Live, Love and Play!