So here I am in Southampton! I’ve not written too much the past few days because so much has been happening so quickly that I’ve barely had two seconds to sit and write something. So instead of writing about every single thing that’s happened with all the gore and glory, I’ll just give you a brief overview of what’s happened with the highlights highlighted…


On Thursday I spent the day with my friend Ed and his girlfriend. We walked around Bristol for a few hours before I was due to catch a coach. After a three hour sit in the coach riding through the unavoidably wet Thursday evening air, I arrived in Southampton. My close friend Chani was there waiting for me at the coach station.

To see Chani again after so long was a little strange. We hadn’t met in this life before then so it was a little jarring for me but there was nothing new about it. It was just like seeing a long lost sister again after 20 years apart. We spent the evening through to the night chatting and exploring all sorts of cosmic mysteries. And once you align yourself to receiving that sort of information, it just keeps on coming. I’ve included an example of this below…

“Each chakra has a different animal totem/spirit animal and element. Combining this with other archetypes like star signs and soul trains and such you get a template for or the skeleton of a person. Using this basis, possibilities are cross-referenced with environmental circumstance based on resonance and residue. Resonance is dictated by current vibration. This creates the re-action/response and the result. Residue is dictated by vibrations/thought patterns. This determines the setting.” – That’s something that my brain started translating while I was trying to sleep at about 2am on Thursday night/Friday morning.

While Chani and I were deep in discussion, a massive realisation washed over me. The first wave came as an awareness of how much my life really has changed in the last few months. This time two months ago I was bidding an old relationship goodbye and clearing out all the clutter in my life to make way for something or someone new. And then, Thursday night I was sat in a town I’d never been to before, in the home of someone whom I’d not been in the physical presence of for what feels like millennia.

Once how much my life really has changed really dawned on me, it then became abundantly clear to me how huge what I was on the cusp of doing was. So there I was, sitting in this home with soul family in a strange town I’d never seen before, discussing the best way to get to the airport the next morning so that I could meet this person who could have potentially been the love of my life. I was shitting it. The harsh reality of it all crashed down on me. It felt like all the confidence I felt like I had was faked and that now this was exposed, it was whisked away and I was left with vulnerability, naivety and, to be quite honest, clueless-ness. I didn’t know what was going to happen the next day, I didn’t know if things would work out amazingly or catastrophically, I didn’t know my way around the town, I didn’t know which way was up to put it frankly.

After I accepted all of things, it because a bit more easy to deal with the notions. Not long after this, I was laying down and trying to sleep. My mind was racing with excitement and anxiety. What with all the emotions flowing, I was finding it difficult to sleep – hence the paragraph above which dissects the nature of experience in a few sentences. After a while however, this subsided and sleep ceased to elude me.

The next morning I arrived at the airport to find the love of my life sitting there the airport waiting for me. There was no doubt in either of our minds that we were being re-united, as opposed to meeting for the first time. It was the reunification of such similar souls, such a perfect match. Now, we know that in this universe nothing can exist in the same space without being of a matching vibration. We know that there is literally no way for opposing vibrations to exist in the same space for any extended period of time. Taking all of that into account… I don’t feel like I’ve ever experienced such a perfect match as this one. I have literally found my ‘soul-mate’. It’s amazing and I love her so deeply.

It’s always beautiful to welcome ‘new’ people in my life and into my love. And while it’s wonderful to have that happen, with Chani and this new partner of mine, there’s nothing really new about it. It’s, as I said, a re-unification. And really, right now in my life, it’s all a feeling of getting back to what I have always known was right… With the travelling, making old/new friends, re-meeting soul-mates, visiting places which feel so familiar and yet so new – changed, almost. Thursday night I was with Chani discussing the nature of the universe. Friday and Saturday night I was with the love of my life, absorbing every molecule of her energy that I could – taking in all the details; her smells, her laugh, her facial expressions at any given moment, the textures of her skin, the way she kisses, the way she looks me and with her eyes tells me that she loves me so deeply and that we were made for each other, the way looks last thing at night and the way she looks first thing in the morning… Every aspect of her, physical, emotional and spiritual is so pure. I love her on all level, physical, emotional, spiritual and her core essence.

Hey, kids. If you ever meet someone who makes you feel like you can take on anything and thrive; if you ever meet someone who inspires you so much so that you’re ready to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more; if you ever meet someone who, just by looking into your eyes, makes you feel more alive than you have ever felt – even though you never thought you could be happier than you were; if you ever meet someone who – just by being there in the physical or just as a thought in your mind – causes the whole world to light up and appear to be in HD-HD (times a kagillian): then… hold them like there’s no tomorrow, love them like you’ve never loved before, be present with them and love them like the angel they are and worship them like the goddess/god they are. This sort of shit is not something you want to miss out on. Take a chance, throw caution to the wind, find the way to be like water and allow yourself to flow into love.

This, right here, is the stuff of legend. This is what they have bastardised in the media. This is what so many people are singing about. This is what most of us search our whole lives for. This is the state in which we’re closest to God/Source. This is love. Allow it to envelop you and relax into it’s silken folds.

Right now, I am sat on the sofa in Chani’s house on my own. The love of my life has flown back to her home and I am feeling rather sad. It feels a bit unnatural for us to be apart now. It seems the universe had conspired, so eloquently, to have brought us together in this way. It seems like a crime to separate again now, by choice. Alas, there are circumstances which require that we are not together – in person – for a time and there are matters we must both attend to. Though, we will remain together in spirit and each other’s in our absolute entirety.

Come Easter, however, we will be re-united once more for a family Easter celebration with her son, my Mum, Step-Dad, three of my sisters and my little brother. For now though, we must remain apart in the physical for a time. That said, each day apart will strengthen our desire to be together. Each hour separated will make each second together that much more amazing.

I love being in this universe. It does the most amazing things. And we are part of this universe and so we do the most amazing things also. Not only that, we are the most amazing things.

I’ll write very soon.

I love you.


Live to love and play!