There are lessons to be learned in all things. Everything has a message and the universe never waits to give you an experience which you are a match to. If we set our intention for a particular experience and practice allowing/non-resistance, it’s only natural that it will manifest for you quickly and abundantly. I have experienced this very phenomena a lot recently. In fact, everything to do with this new lover of mine has been synchronised. Not always harmonious mind, there has been some turbulence and contrast. Nothing we can’t work through though.

IMG_3522Right now, I’d like to talk to you about three levels of consciousness. There is a story of an Egyptian king who moved through three stages of consciousness, like the three trials, before returning to Egypt and ruling from an enlightened state. The first stage of consciousness is a state of ‘naive oneness’, knowing we are one and knowing that somehow there is more. This state has interconnectedness on a deep, deep level. The second is a state of consciousness in which we separated from our true nature. This is the state of consciousness that so many people are in right now. Being divorced from their core essence. The third state is Christ consciousness. This is a state which Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others like then reached a high level of. Right now, many people in society are moving into this third level of consciousness. It’s a state where we are returned to our true nature and have a considerable amount of awareness of all that is.

The reason I’m telling you about this is because feel as though my birthing relationship with this fellow Cancerian is coming through these three stages of consciousness, in relationship terms.

State one – We appear to each other in each other’s DreamScapes and visions. We hadn’t met or spoken at this point and always felt like we’d left the oven on or something.

State two – We began talking and felt like we knew each other inside out after about 15 minutes of conversation. Towards the middle-end of this stage we met up in person and it was so comfortable, it was unreal.

State three – Reunified and close together. Day-to-day companions. Family.

What all this means to say is that once I leave Southampton (in two days from now), I’m to visit London for 4/5 days. Then I return to Northampton for a few weeks. Whereupon I’ll be met by Cancerian lover and her Scorpio son. Once we are all in the same place, we will find a home. From there we will have a base set up and we can travel, build the network and return home periodically.

Once you ask the universe for something, it delivers. And if you are in a state of allowing/non-resistance, it comes so fast that you’d better buckle in, hold onto your hat and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

Life is a game. Life is a dance. So let’s find the laughs and give love a chance.

You’re amazing

I love you


Live, love and play!