12:12pm – Tuesday

As I sit here on a coach, on the way back to my hometown, I’m thinking over the intensely amazing weekend I have just experienced. I arrived in London on Friday and met up with my friend Becca – some of you will know her as ~Aquamarine~, as that’s the pseudonym that she uses when she posts on The People Solution’s Facebook page. There was a brief kuffufle as we tried to find each other in Victoria. Once Becca and I were in the same place, we decided we would go and get some lunch and get used to being together in person.

Friday 4th April – Late Night: “After my first day in London my legs ache but my spirit is more alive than ever. I have spent the day with a great friend with whom I’ve been speaking over the internet for several months now. After spending some time together we met up with a group of about 18 other spiritually inclined people with whom I will be attending a workshop tomorrow. I have so much to tell you about, such amazing things have been happening… But right now I need rest.” [Click Here To See The Picture]

Before Friday, Becca and I had never met in person but had been speaking over Skype and IM for a few months. It was great to finally be in the same place as each other. Over the course of the weekend, Becca and I became incredibly close friends and it seems like it’s a friendship that will last our lifetimes.
After eating our Japanese lunch we headed back to Becca’s mum’s place to drop off my heavy bags. Once we had unloaded the bags we travelled to the Generator Hostel to rendezvous with a group of people who would be attending the workshop the next day. It was a phenomenal experience to be around so many people whose faces I’ve grown accustomed to seeing in a two-dimensional format on Facebook and on Teal Tribe. There’s such a buzz to meeting people in-person after getting to know them over the internet.

Becca and I

When I arrived in London I had accepted that I wouldn’t be able to go to this Workshop that everybody I was meeting was going to. I couldn’t afford it if I wanted to do what I had planned over the next month or two. When I told the people we had met up with at the Generator that I wouldn’t be able to attend the Workshop they suggested that a few people might offer up the money to pay for my ticket for me.

I don’t usually share the names of the people who I speak about in these stories for their own privacy and so I won’t break the trend now, but two amazing guys offered to pay half of my ticket price each. Ten minutes later – after I had insisted that they didn’t have to do it and that I’d feel a bit uncomfortable taking £80 off of them – they returned to me with £80 cash. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I couldn’t believe my attraction!

It was decided. I was going to the workshop. I was going to learn and grow from the experience and I would see my life change drastically, once again, as a result of it.

After we spent some time chatting at the Generator, the bunch of us decided to go to an Indian restaurant for dinner. It was amazing. It was like a family outing, but without the weird uncle and the aunt that nobody likes. It was ‘Intentional Community’ at it’s finest.

Becca and I left the group just before 11pm and got back to her Mum’s place around midnight. After a couple of hours chatting we went to bed and were up again, bright and early, for the Workshop. We woke up at 6.30am and travelled underground across London to the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on so many levels. There were many things said which felt like confirmations of where I am and the direction I’m moving in, and there was also plenty of stuff for me to work with. It was a truly enlightening experience. I’ll share a few pictures below!





IMG_3764Once the workshop had drawn to a close, I had the opportunity to speak with Blake (for those of you who aren’t aware, Blake lives and works with Teal and is a close lifelong friend of hers). Blake is an incredibly lovely guy and he and I really got along. We messed around pulling faces for a bit and had a good laugh. After we left, I added him on Facebook. There were a group of people meeting at the pub around the corner from the Workshop, so me and Becca went to join them there and met a few new people there too. Saturday was an amazing day and it was really good to connect, in-person, with so many people whom I’d seen only on the internet.

Saturday 5th April – Late Night:I went to Teal Swan’s London Sync Workshop today and spent time with some absolutely fantastic people and some familiar faces too![Click Here To See The Image]

Saturday then drew to a close as Becca and I travelled back to Kilburn to her Mum’s while greeting Sunday.

Sunday, for us, held an exciting trip to Stonehenge and Glastonbury. The group of us on the trip was only made of 12 people and so it was a really great and quite intimate experience. It gave us all a change to bond on a more personal level and build friendships. The group was incredbily culturally diverse too. There were several English people, Becca with her Brasilian blood, Idan who had come from Isreal, Bristena from Romania (I stayed ar Bristena’s for two nights after the Sunday’s trip), a great friend of ours and a very quiet but lovely girl who had both come from Finland, a lovely and charismatic girl from France and two fanastic guys from Germany (one of whom I may end up living with). It was, overall, a really fun, lighthearted and expansive trip.

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As Sunday bid us farewell, Bristena and I travelled back to her place and proceeded to sit up until 3am discussing spiritual ideas. We woke up the next morning at 10 which was significantly later than the times I had been waking up the past few mornings. A small group of us from the Stonehenge/Glastonbury trip decided to meet up in Camden the next day and so I took to arranging that once I was awake on Monday morning.

The group of us met up in the early afternoon and had a look around Camden market. Bristena, Becca, our German friend and our Finnish Scorpio friend then decided to get to this place called Shaka Sulu. Shaka Sulu is an African themed bar in Camden which has amazing wood carvings and African themed attire everywhere you looked. I was impressive artwork too. When Blake asked them how much of an investment it took to make the place into what it was, he was told 5 and a half million pounds. That’s an outrageous amount of money!! But the place did look good, so it was a job well done!

After four of us had gotten comfortable in Shaka Sulu, I went back up to street level (this resterant is underground) to call Blake to find out where they were and how long they’d be. I greeted Blake and Graciela on the street and took them to our table in Shaka Sulu. Becca met us there shortly after. Once we were all settled and acquinted, Graciela showed us her “one trick” which was a form of eye-gazing which raises the vibrational frequency of both participants and can be used bring awareness to resistances to move through. Graciela, if you’re reading this… You’re amazing and it was wonderful to spend the day with you. And, by the way, you don’t just have “one trick”, you have so many gifts. You’re such a special and amazing person. It was an honour and privalege to get to spend time with you.

In Shaka Sulu
In Shaka Sulu

We all took turns eye-gazing with Graciela. Some of us raised vibration and felt more connected with what was going on around us and some of us learned quite a bit about ourselves. While Graciela and I looked into each others eyes, her empathic ability and my empathic ability created some form of feedback allowed me to see some of my starseed energies coming alive in her face. It was a massively vivid and intense experience. Something I’ll never forget.

The eye-gazing moved us all to a synchronised vibrational state which allowed us to be more ready to experience synchronicities. We decided to leave Shaka Sulu and bid our friends from Finland and Germany goodbye. It was sad to see them go, but I know we’ll all meet again very soon. Once they had gone the five of us began to walk around the Camden markets, observe the goings-on and occasionally buy something – all while getting to know each other better.

We had been walking around the markets for about 15/20 minutes when we walked into a shop which I led us into, where in Graciela bought herself some henna and Blake and I begun a conversation which, by the end, surprised us both. On a whim, I asked Blake what is birth sign was. He told me that he is a Cancer. I felt like I had guessed that already. He asked me when my birthday was and it turned out that me and him have the same birthday. I was astonished by this.  It was an amazing synchronicity. It later became apparent that we were born 10 years apart.

The five of us sat in InSpiral near Camden Lock and discussed all sorts from Teal and what’s next for the Intentional Community Expo’s to The People Solution. It felt like old friends catching up in new bodies which is always a good feeling. And, all-in-all, I’d say that this has to be one of the best weekends of my life so far. We went into this weekend with the intention of feeling good, learning, growing and meeting new people. We came out of it with exactly that and more!


15:51pm – Tuesday

I have now returned to my Mum’s home in Northamptonshire. I’m here with my Mum, Step-Dad, three of my little sisters, my little brother, one of my sister’s friends and the dog. I’m waiting for my love and her son to come and join me here. They arrive tomorrow and I am ridiculously excited to see them.  This is where the next chapter begins, once again.

I’m ready.

I love you!
You’re amazing!
Live, love and play! ❤