Wow. What a few days. When I woke up yesterday it was like any other day with my family and my new family. And by the end of the day, everything had changed.

When Twin Flames come together, I’m told what usually happens is that one of them ends up running away or one of them ends up dying because it’s too intense. In this instance, my Twin Flame ran away. And, as I’m adjusting to things without her in my life again, it feels like my heart has been ripped from my chest. That said, I always knew I was on the fast-track. And this relationship was in the fast-lane on the fast-track and as such, I’ve learned a lot.

What happened was that, because Twin Flames are such strong mirrors of each other, we both continued to mirror each other in such a way that made it difficult because we would be constantly seeing things about ourselves which we didn’t like in the other. On top of that, we came together at my Mum’s home during a Total Eclipse of the Moon during a Full Moon in Virgo. For anybody who’s aware of astrological meanings, you’ll know that this is the full moon which has lots of energy focused on relationships. And it turns out that my relationship wasn’t made of stern enough stuff to survive the period!

I’m not the sort of person to bitch and moan about things and people in an idol manner, and so I won’t be doing any of that. I have taken what I can from this experience. I am learning more and more about the law of attraction every day. It seems that I keep attracting people who I am able to fix. And my Dad gave me the same advice that he was given at my age… “Help them but don’t date them.” And so, it’s a great thing that I’m able to attract people who I can help, considering that it’s what I love doing – and love doing as a job too. But I need to set my bar higher when it comes to people I want to be romantically involved with.

Although it makes me sad to see this end, I know that it’s for the best. We had a bunch of good times, we had a bunch of laughs, I learned that I can be a father and I learned that I have the mettle to take any challenge in my stride. I am grateful for the happiness it provided me with, and I am so glad it happened. And after it all, I know what I need now, and I know what I want.

I need somebody who I can be complete with. Not somebody who I complete. Not somebody who I have to fix, or protect from themselves. I need someone who is happy and who is dedicated to happiness above all else.

But first, I need time.

I love you.


Live to love and play.