It’s sort of funny how when you are good friends with somebody. You sync up in a way which is virtually unexplainable. Me and my friend Chani are very much like this. We have lived pretty much parallel but opposite lives. It’s like we were in sync but out of touch with each other growing up. Now we’re friends, it’s interesting to see how we learn about different things through each other and are always able to help each other when we are a match to being in the same place.

I spoke to her this evening and we caught up on what’s been happening for us both recently. When I left Southampton, I was at the beginning of what felt like a massive new sort of adventure. With me and my Ex planning to spend a few weeks at my Mum’s home here in Northamptonshire. Before I left Chani’s home we had discussed that she would stop listening to astrological predictions as it was beginning to effect how she was experiencing each day.

When spoke to her again just now, I’m where I am – which I’m sure you’ve read about here at some point (at this end of a break-up, heartbroken but getting through it now and starting to feel better, blah blah) and she’s having a much more powerful and positive life experience than she was before during her peaked interest in astrology.

In speaking to her I am always able to really be allowed to feel what I was feeling. When I spoke to her just then, in that short time, I felt accepted and free to feel as I wanted to. It can be difficult to really give yourself permission to feel something sometimes.

I just wanted to share that feeling with you and it’s really beneficial to find a way to let yourself feel the way you really want to. Whether it’s through talking to another person, by meditating, or however you feel is right. That’s the key: feeling. IMG_3664

Chani and I have recorded a video series on starseed archetypes. It’s a relaxed and concise report of a collection of starseed archetypes. The first episode will be about Lyrans. Right now, you can see the intro video for the series by clicking the imagine to the right.

I love you!

You’re amazing!


Live, love and play! Find a way every day!