Saturday – Evening.

Something that I’ve been working with lately is going easier on myself. I think that for lots of us, it’s easy to be too hard on ourselves. With all the things that happen in our lives, it’s no wonder that we do ‘play rough’ with ourselves from time to time. The way I’m feeling at the moment is that lately I’ve been quite intense with my thoughts. I noticed that I’ve been scrutinizing them quite a bit. Of course, I’m not writing this to swear off of conscious awareness of my thoughts. I’m purely saying that a careful balance is key when it comes to how we deal with our thoughts and ourselves as a consequence of how those thoughts make us feel. To be fair, when is a balanced approach not effective? Hahah

After talking to my friend Steffi and a few other friends about all of the stuff that’s been happening to me lately and after listening to Teal Swan’s latest teaching about losing ourselves, I have decided to go easier on myself. Instead of scrutinizing my thoughts day-in-day-out and giving myself reasons to feel annoyed, frustrated and upset… I’ve decided to employ several old tools to give me the ability to really allow myself a break when it comes to my thoughts and emotions.

Let’s be honest, that’s what we all want isn’t it? The sort of mindset that we want to have on holiday, the sort of mindset that we would have on holiday if the kids would just listen and you didn’t forget the sun-tan lotion. Hahah that’s the funny thing, we always want to feel a certain way when we’re on holiday. We want to feel care-free. We want to feel that with no work and no real obligations for a week or two, everything will be different. Russell Brand put it well when he said, “You always think it’s gonna be good when you go on holiday. It ain’t. It’s just you, somewhere else.”

So what I’m suggesting is that if we were to cultivate this provisional “Holiday Emotion.” – as opposed to an emotional holiday – on a day-to-day basis, then we can finally give ourselves the feeling-based freedom that we have owed to ourselves for years. I mean, I’ll be frank with you. (Actually, I won’t be Frank. I’ll be Andey. But I’ll do it with a stern look in my eyes and a brisk rhythm to my typing so that you know I’m serious) When we get interested in a subject and it ignites our soul, it’s so easy to allow it to envelope you. This is something that I’ve noticed lately for myself… With all of this psychology, shadow work, spirituality, spiritual exploration and so on, combined with the more negative thought spaces had been getting into recently, I became very hard on my thoughts. In seeing this now, I can shift my focus to one of a more care-free feel and begin to enjoy life on a fresh new level.

My old mottos will serve as tools wielded with a new sharper, more agile hand’s perspective. They are as follows: “Fuck it,” “Life is change,” and “This too shall pass,” so “Be like water.”

“Fuck it,” is the name of a book by a tremendous man called John Parkin and the name of the philosophy contained within. “Life is change,” is something that I started saying a few years ago which I think came from Jordan from Spirit Science. For me, it outlines the fact that without some form of movement, even on a vibrational level, life ceases to be. It reminds me that everything changes and everything grows. Which leads me nicely to… “This too shall pass.” This one is a paraphrased bible quote focusing on the transient and fleeting nature of life. And “Be like water,” is another paraphrased quote. I’ve taken this from an amazing Bruce Lee quote which I’ll share with you below.


[Here’s a link to a song which puts this message across really well]

And while you listen to the song… Here’s a stream of images to help you (and me) embody fuck it daily. Or even if it’s just for a little bit until we think… “Fuck it!”


(And too lazy to add an extra ‘o’ in as well! But fuck it!)

fuck it 1318962224031_2694345 1341183401805_8811019 i-found-exactly-one-fuck-it-is-my-gift-to-you imagesHahahahah

I love you.


Live to love and play!