There are those of us who have incarnated here on Earth, who carry a certain frequency. This frequency has such strength that it generates a response within those who are exposed to it that brings about a shift of awareness and thus a large change. Some aren’t ready for this change, some aren’t ready for this awareness of themselves and so they close off, resort to child-like behaviour or even go on the offensive and get outwardly destructive. And some, who are ready, flock to this vibration like a moth to a flame knowing, on a molecular level and deeper, that exposure to this sort of frequency will mean the shedding of the old and the experience of new.

Teal Swan
Teal Swan

There are many names for this vibration and those who carry it. The most apt, I’ve heard is the ‘Catalyst’ energy. This Catalyst energy is a vibration which I carry. When I meet new people and invite them into my life, I offer a warning. I tell them that sometimes people come into my life and love me, sometimes people come into my life and they hate me. I tell them that if they are to be around me, talk to me, hear what I have to say, that things will not stay the same. And this isn’t me saying that I make people change, nor is it me saying that I’m so brilliant that I can change someone’s life with a few words. What I’m saying is that as a result of being in my field of energy – being in the vicinity of me – things change. And many of you know Teal Swan, she possesses this energy also. When somebody comes into her life, things change for them. They don’t always like what they see but things do change.

Why does the Catalyst energy have this effect? When we look at the Law of Attraction and we discuss the fact that two opposing vibrations cannot exist within the same space. Like pain and a painkiller, if one is present in a body, the other simply cannot co-exist there because the vibrations oppose. The only way that pain and painkillers can exist within a body together at the same time is if the pain (resistance) is of a stronger vibration than that of the painkiller and then, it is likely that the person who is in pain may vomit up the painkiller. Likewise, when I welcome somebody into my life, the vibration that I – and those others with the Catalyst energy – inherently carry such a strong vibration that all opposing vibrations in the vicinity must either shift to match the vibration (and thus release resistance) or they must leave the space (if their resistance is equal to or stronger than the strength of the Catalyst vibration). The other alternative is that the Catalyst may be compelled to leave the space – this is likely when a vibration which is resistant to that of the Catalyst energy maintains such unwavering resistance that the Catalyst will see that for them to stay would be a drain on their energy.

So, what’s it like being a Catalyst? How do I know if I am one? We all possess pretty much every form of energy in varying degrees. If you are carrying the Catalyst vibration, I would say that you would likely be aware of it by now. The few of the main notable experiences that a catalyst will experience are:

  • No fixed circle of friends, or very few friends who are able to stay within your space for an elongated period. Due to the strong vibration Catalyst’s hold, those who are around them regularly must entrain with the catalytic energy themselves otherwise they will simply not be a match to being around that person. Catalysts will also notice a large number of people who come and go from their lives.
  • People having a problem with who, how or what you are just because you exist in that way. The strength of vibration that is held by a Catalyst will accent any disapproval that others may have for themselves and their lives. Sometimes, for a Catalyst, just existing in the way that they do can be the cause of pain for another. That’s okay, pain leads to expansion and expansion is why we’re here.
  • You will likely have incarnated into a family which are loving but don’t fully understand you – and in extreme cases make their choices in relation to you out of fear or naivety.
  • The ability to – without even trying – say very little and cause another to be “triggered” and get upset/annoyed very quickly. Again, due to the strength of vibration that Catalyst’s possess, their words tend to be potent and very to the point – even if no effort is being made to make them that way. Catalysts can say very little have a large effect on someone. A wise and experienced Catalyst will use this to their advantage and wait until the opportune moment to say a few very poignant words.
  • Find it difficult to accept ‘the way things are’ and just conform. Again, due to the strength of vibration, it is difficult for a Catalyst to just go along with how things are in the world if they aren’t in alignment with their happiness. If a Catalyst was to conform to societies norms and ideals, they would find that their catalytic presence would alter and in time, dissipate all together.

Is there anything more that’s worth knowing about Catalysts? We are all Catalysts in our own right. We all possess this energy in varying degrees. 250px-CatalystWhat we are seeing at the moment is that more and more people are stepping into their own power when it comes to creation, manifestation, happiness and so on. And when people take charge of their own life and happiness, they begin emitting a vibration rather than absorbing that of those around them. The difference between someone who passively absorbs the energy in their environment and someone who emits and vibration and affects their environment lies in their courage. Something which is common place within Catalysts is that they are so very deliberate about their focus. They understand the effect that our thoughts have on our realities and so focus accordingly. I’m not saying that Catalysts are these “Greetings Light Beings, everything is beautiful. Love and light.” sort of characters. (That sort of energy is actually incredibly suppressive). But rather, a Catalyst sees the effect of their thoughts and understands that if they focus on constructive thoughts that the most positive experiences will manifest.

Naturally, we Catalysts, being human like pretty much everyone else on this planet, have times where we fall into a deep sadness. And, the wisdom of an experienced Catalyst instructs that in order for us to move back into a state which feels good, we must first allow ourselves to feel the negative emotion. As a well-known Catalyst, Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

So in conclusion my friends, a Catalyst is someone who possesses a strong, honest and transparent vibration – one which could be considered ruthlessly truthful sometimes. This is not to say that the Catalyst is the sort of person who goes around being brutally honest and upsetting every one. But rather the Catalyst holds a vibration which emanates transparency. And through being around this energy, the energy of those in the vicinity begins to shift also. I’d like to make the point clear though that a Catalyst does not make those around them become like themselves. Rather, they inspire the live-in authenticity present within every person to come alive and meet the world. They evoke the unique originality that each person possesses into an exalted state of being.

In fact, the very best way to explain this, I feel, is that the Catalyst – as a result of being who and how they are – give permission to those around them to do the same. There are those who have invested a lot of time, money, effort and self-sacrificing into preserving this identity which they have fashioned in order to survive in this modern world. These same people often feel stuck-fast in this illusion of a person that they have created and so their ego steps in to preserve this self-concept. This is what happens when somebody is entirely pure and 100% true to themselves and “haters” bowl in and abuse them. This has happened to me on my YouTube videos before, it happens to Teal on hers and I’m sure that if you are a Catalyst, you will have experienced this too. What is important to remember – Catalyst or not – is that what others say about you says more about themselves than it does about you. What other people say and think is none of your business, as they say. (HAH!)

In my experience, the main concern of a Catalyst, should be deliberate focus on the growth and forward movement of oneself. This will spawn change in others naturally anyway as we are leading by example. So, when somebody has a problem with us, instead of thinking “They are my mirror, they are saying that because of something I’ve done wrong.” Look at how we feel about what has happened. The reason I say this is because our emotions hold the purest explanation of where we are. A explanation beyond words.

And so, on that note my lovely readers, I shall bid you farewell this day! Happy catalysing!

I love you!
You’re amazing!

Live, Love and Play!