What you are about to read was initially intended to be a short comment to go with an image that was shared on Facebook. It turned into a rather inspired passage about fully allowing ourselves to feel and be where we are. It is my hope that it is of tremendous benefit to you. It is also, indirectly, a message to myself.

“Many of us fall into the trap of not fully experiencing our lives because we desire to be somewhere else, something else, someone else… This is no different than the desire to be an “ascended spiritual being, free of suffering and never experiencing anything untoward in life.” I feel as though it’s time for those of us who use spirituality as a scapegoat for our emotions to actually allow ourselves to be fully human. I feel like it’s time we gave ourselves permission to really go balls deep in the positive and negative experiences that we have day-to-day and the pain which resides within us from long ago.

It’s natural for us to want to shy away from certain things which cause us pain and that’s okay. It really is okay to feel that way. We all do, no point denying it. The question is, are we doing ourselves any favours by disassociating from our human experience? Who is benefiting from our perpetual desire to be some-where/thing/one else?

great spiritAs is brilliantly portrayed in the image here, we can spend our entire lives trying to free ourselves of this cycle of suffering – what the Buddhists call ‘Samsara’ – or we can look around and see that while, yes there is suffering in this human life, there is also a hell of a lot of enjoyment, learning and growing to experience. There is so much expansion to be had which we inadvertently seek to deny ourselves of by depriving ourselves of the experience of our emotions. If we aren’t going to be fully human and really go balls deep in this life then we may as well not be here!

Within the understanding of the interconnected nature of the universe, a mind which seeks to integrate itself with all that is will, sooner or later, realise that he or she is in fact already a part of this oneness and always has been… They will realise that when we are in a state of love we are closest to our pure and truest form. (This is not to say, only feel love) If we only allow ourselves to feel the positive emotions then when we experience negative emotion we will suppress these feelings.

You know when you’re in the sea and you have a beach-ball or something and try to push it under the water and it keeps coming up again? That’s essentially what’s happening when you’re trying to suppress negative emotion. For a moment – while all your strength and attention is directed towards keeping the ball under the water – you aren’t focusing on what it feels like to have the ball (negative emotion) on top of the water. It’s exhausting. And this temporarily alleviates the suffering but does not address the pain. But guess what happens when someone calls your name from the shore and you turn around to see who it is… The ball shoots out from under the water and smacks you in the head. It’s exactly the same with negative emotion. We can try to suppress it but that doesn’t solve the issue… It will always surface again and each time with a little more vigour.

For this reason, it’s always beneficial to work through the negative emotion to a point where you feel good about whatever it was that caused you to feel that way. Otherwise, when you’re least expecting it, that ball may shoot out of the water and hit you in the face. And you know how much it hurts being slapped when you’re soaked from head to toe.

So, to conclude this message: In whatever you do, with or without suffering, you are Source. You are love and you are loved. Makes no difference whether you suppress your emotions or not. Heck, it doesn’t even affect me whether you suppress your emotions or not. However, if you do, they will continually return to bite you in the arse. So we’re all better off allowing ourselves to be human, allowing ourselves to feel, allowing ourselves to go through the lowest of lows with the knowledge of ‘the lower the low, the higher the high.’ In giving ourselves permission to feel whatever it is that we are feeling (not necessarily to act on it in the heat of the moment, but to feeeeel it), we are giving permission for the life-force energy to move through us, for Source, God, Tao, the primordial Ohm to move through us. Because life is change and in those moments of allowing – of pure non-resistance – that is when we are truly alive.

So go forth my friends and be in your infinite glory.”

I love you.

Namaste, live, love and play.