In our world today, there are many kinds of people. I often like to celebrate this fact by reflecting on the specifics of the variety and complexity of the people on this planet. In particular, there are two – usually mutually exclusive – groups… Those who seek truth and those who seek happiness. There is a define division of mindset between these two groups, even when they mix in social situations. Those who seek truth often are very objective and can look at things from many perspectives. Sometimes they can be cold and calculating when it comes to dealing with situations. Those who seek happiness move with their hearts and tend to empathise with others. This can lead the happiness seekers into naivety. There are benefits and drawbacks to both modalities of thinking. Each has it’s peaks and blind-spots, so I’m always left wondering… “How can I get the best of both?”

The reason I’m writing this is because for a long time I’ve been a Happiness Seeker and recently, I was overcome by the need to find answers and so adopted the Truth Seeker’s mindset. It has become apparent to me of late that there have been certain things from my past which I had left and not dealt with. Things that had been causing me to have a ‘bleeding heart.’ A had a reading done recently in which I was shown that I have one hand on my heart to try and stop the bleeding, while the other is holding a crutch as I try to walk. In that state, there’s no freedom to do anything particularly wonderful without bleeding out. My hands being occupied with the bleeding and the crutch, I can barely do a thing with all of my energy. It’s for this reason that I’ve been drawn to look at the benefits of the mindsets of both Truth Seekers and Happiness Seekers. Having experienced both mindsets, here’s what I’ve learned…

Truth Seekers, most of the time, are driven by a need to ‘just know’. It’s common among Truth Seekers to be attracted to more ‘practical’ ideas including politics, science, conspiracies, demonstrations and so on. As with anything though, when we come from a space of desire for something which is out of reach, we are perpetually in ‘want’ for that something which isn’t right here, right now. This is true for Truth Seekers because there are always more questions. When a Truth Seekers finds answers to one question, more questions are found in order to further this knowledge. Usually where conspiracies are concerned this results in a feeling of apathy or anger towards society. The worst case scenario of a Truth Seeker would be someone who is frustrated with their lives and wants change but is never satisfied with it. Although the desire to take back control of their own lives is a more empowered state of being than that of apathy, I don’t feel as though it’s an end state.

Happiness Seekers are usually driven by the desire to feel good and enjoy life. As with Truth Seekers, the desire to have something that we don’t already feel we have is a sticky mess. If we were to find these feelings within ourselves then we would naturally attract the external experience to match it. The worst case scenario of a Happiness Seeker would be someone who is once again always grasping for something which is just out of reach, someone who self-edits and hides from or shies away from negative emotion. Someone in this mindset might gloss over their feelings and suppress them in favour of a more positive emotion. While this works in the short term, it’s doesn’t offer a solution to the root cause of the problem and so the issue will arise in life again and again, each time getting a little more drastic. Another trait of a worst cast scenario Happiness Seeker is that they might opt out of looking at the bigger picture and end up caught in a loop of hating their lives and seeking cheap thrills to forget their negative emotions.

"Harmony" by Van Gogh
“Harmony” by Van Gogh

A lot of the time, it might seem like happiness comes at the expense of truth and truth comes at the expense of happiness but I feel as though there is a way that we can harmonise the two and have the best of both. Whether it’s truth or happiness that we seek, I feel the key to feeling satisfied on a day-to-day basis is to cultivate gratitude for what we have here and now. If we desire truth we can look to what we know and feel glad that we know all that we do already. If we desire happiness we can look to what we have around us with gives us joy. When we know what we have and where we are and give ourselves space to look at our negative emotions, whether they are anguish or fear, then we become a match to the truth and happiness that we desire. In this state, it’s impossible for us not to attract more happiness and more truth. The answers will come when we are truly open to receiving them. The happiness will come when we realise that we were always capable of feeling it.

So, my friends, I feel that the way we can get the best of both is to cultivate an appreciation of the knowledge, empowerment, happiness and stability that we have in our lives on a day-to-day basis. Some great ways to do this are:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Telling a friend or family member something that you appreciate about them
  • Hugging some that you care about
  • Meditating
  • Having a meaningful “Heart-To-Heart” with someone
  • Doing the ‘Three Breaths To Happiness’
  • Getting out in nature

So go forth my friends and live this harmony of minds, this unity of worlds!

I love you!


Live, love and play!