When we look back at our past there are many things we find ourselves searching for. Reconciliation in no small part. Answers usually. There is a great wisdom in this. The parts of ourselves that we abandon in times of strife hold vast amounts of knowledge and potential for growth. As we go through our lives every millisecond of the experience contains a crazy amount of information. Just think… You walk into a shop for example. You’re there, you might be with someone or a few people, there’s somebody at the counter being served by the shop attendant. Perhaps there’s two or three people waiting to pay for their petrol and the items they’ve picked up while in the shop. Several people wander the isles looking for things for their dinner, or maybe a snack for later. Outside there’s a man filling up his car, diesel. Across the road a lady rolls out her bin – it’s bin-day tomorrow. A group of teenagers walk past the shop laughing at apparent hilarity ensuing on one of their smart-phones. All of these people, including you, have lives they’re and you are living. All of these people, including you, have a past, a future, passing thoughts, recurring thoughts, self-limiting thoughts, empowering thoughts, creative thoughts, analytical thoughts, so list goes on. So much information is present there within just that millisecond of what we perceive to be time. And don’t even get me started on all of the different products on the hundreds of shelves within that little corner-shop. Each having ingredients coming from different places coming to one place to be turned into what you’re thinking about buying, packaging from somewhere else, the funding for that entire process from somewhere else… All accumulating in that split second of an experience.

You entire life has been building up to this moment. You entire life will continue building afterwards with what happens resting in your consciousness as a memory.

Well that’s some pretty expansive stuff right there, Andey. How is that useful to me?



Each split second like the one I just described above – and the mind-bogglingly large number of other potential experiences waiting to happen at any moment –  all possess an infinite number of variables. Within these variables there are experiences which more are easily and readily available to us at that point than others. The way that the availability of the potentials is handled is by resonance and vibration. And the way that we feel determines our vibrational frequency and, as a result, our resonance with our environment. To take it one level deeper we take in information from our environment via our sensory receptors – eyes, ears, mouth nose, so on. This is then processed by our brain. The way that our brain handles the information it is receiving from our sensory receptors is determined by our ego patterns and this creates the resulting circumstances. In order for us to fully access the highest vibrational potential we must relieve ourselves of the destructive ego programming and transform it into constructive programming. Think of it like cutting sandbags loose. This weight that we carry that serves no real purpose save when we look at it, learn from it and can let it go. It’s like that, but a little bit more spacey because it’s also like what Yoda said… “You must unlearn what you have learned.”


So then, you’ve said all this… What’s next?

Taking time to really allow ourselves to feel the suffering that we hold in our hearts. This is the weight, the weight in our hearts. We feel with our hearts and that is where the suffering is stored when we don’t give ourselves the space to really deal with what we have been through. Many people feel like their suffering isn’t as bad as other people’s suffering. Many people feel like what they have been through is somehow easier, less painful, less harrowing and so on. It has to be said that because of the way that life works, – we’re born with very little experiential wisdom relative to this new body, this new life-thing and all of us have to figure it out the best we can with what we have. There’s no manual for life after all! I wouldn’t be quick to say that one person has experienced less pain and another. It’s all relative and the pain threshold is different for each of us because we’ve all had different experiences. We all feel the way we do for a reason regardless of what others might think or feel about that. Thus there is no such thing as a overreaction because everything “re-action” is something which is being re-done – done again – based on past experience and past trauma. Trauma which may be the worst they’ve ever had. And the worst trauma for each of us is still the worst trauma we’ve ever experienced regardless of the ‘level’ of suffering another person has been through in their experience of life. It’s all relative.

From that we can see that there is really no way that we can turn our backs on these parts of ourselves that went through what we did, there’s no way that we can keep letting our hearts weigh heavy with the pain from our past. What is the past but a memory after all? A memory which we carry with us always. This is not to say that we must forget what has happened to us, but rather to shine light on the fact that if we are to carry these memories – consciously or subconsciously – then how we feel about them will always be the determining factor when it comes to how we deal with the things that remind us of them. This isn’t too much of an issue with the positive thoughts and feelings but the negative ones give us grief often, even if we’re not completely aware of it. I’m not using the term “negative” interchangeably with “bad” here. Good and bad are subjective – I’ve spoken about this extensively in other blog posts. Our negative feelings are the keys to unlocking things within us and within our lives which really allow us to shine. And in looking into those feelings we unlock more variables within our experiences. This happens because our vibration is such that it is resonating with higher vibrational experiences because we have less weight in our hearts causing us to energetically disallow certain potentials.


What’s the first step?

To sit with our feelings and give ourselves permission to really fully the way we feel. This is a sort of discharge of the negative feelings which have been bottled up and kept in the back of your mind and the bottom of your heart. In this time, don’t take action with anything. Don’t make any hasty decisions. This is the time to feel, not the time to act. In this time you may feel the need the scream or punch something. My advice then is to make sure that it’s not valuable or likely to injure you and then do it. You will probably want to cry. That is okay too. If you want to express how you feel, I recommend writing it down. Write everything. Allow this to continue for as long as it feels like relief. When it begins to feel more stressful than liberating then it’s time to look to thoughts which make you feel better.

Once you have given yourself permission to really feel how you feel the next step is taking to some form of inner-child work or shadow work. This is best done with another person who is experienced. If you have somebody close to you who understands the things that you do and will be able to guide you through the processes with an unbiased mind then I implore you to reach out to them. If you don’t have somebody that you can reach out to, or even if you do, I offer myself as a guide and an ear. More and more now I am working with people who are working through these sorts of things and I’m always keen to work with new people. If I can help then I am happy to offer my time. Please feel free to contact me and see how I can help. [Click here for information on my packages] [Testimonials here] The packages I have listed here on my site are standardised packages and are flexible.

I hope this has been valuable for you!

And once again, I bid you good morrow!

You know that I mean it when I say… You. Are. Amazing.

I love you.


Live to love and play! And also, so it rhymes… cake…