So here we are again in Mercury Retrograde! It’s always a bit of a mad time this one and many of us have things go badly when we’re unaware that it’s occurring and continue to push forward with ideas without taking note of it. For those of you who aren’t aware of what Mercury Retrograde is, it’s an astrological optical illusion during which Mercury appears to move backwards. What does this mean for us humans here on Earth? It means that we must stop and reflect mostly. Mercury has a powerful effect on electronic devices, contracts and agreements, future plans set to take place during the retrograde and overall communication. For the duration of the Retrograde it is recommended to handle these areas with deliberate focus and conscious action if any action at all. Whenever possible, allow inaction to serve over action.

For me, this Mercury Retrograde has seen my laptop covered in Coke and now in a state of disrepair, YouTube deciding to cut a few minutes off of my most recent upload causing me to have to re-upload the last few minutes as a separate “part 2” video, my mum and step-dad – who are currently in France – having their key snap in their car’s ignition and my friend running out of petrol on the dual-carriage way while he was on his was to visit me. And that’s just the surface level stuff! Mercury Retrograde also has an uncanny knack for bringing old unfinished business to the surface in order for us to deal with it again, and again (and again if need be.)

Well that all sounds disastrous! Surely we can assume that there is some benefit to this?!

You would be right! As with any negative experiences, we are shown here the nature of many of our resistance points as well as areas in which we may have been flippant and dissociative. In order to make the best of Mercury Retrograde it’s most beneficial to calm the rapids of our minds and lives and settle to the slow and steady rhythm of the stream. By doing less the stream does not limit itself. Rather, the stream finds the path of least resistance and flows eloquently and elegantly. If we embody the flow of the stream in this time of communicative, expressive and technological upheaval when our forward movement seems stunted then we become allowing of our way through.

If we soldier on and batter all that lies ahead we will encounter nothing but resistance from our environment. This Mercury Retrograde is the universe telling you to slow down, clue up and realign yourself with your true desire. This time is about counting your blessings, getting clear on what you want and putting things in place to ensure that, once the Retrograde has come to it’s end, we can move forward with ease and conviction.

This is the advice of my own that I am taking at the moment. There are many things I’d like to see done and many things I’d like to have happen. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t mean that they *won’t* happen. It just means that I have been offered a slow-time period in order to get my affairs in order and prepare to make what does happen REALLY FUCKING HAPPEN. This period is one of gestation, incubation and preparation.

It’s my heartfelt desire that this information is of value to you. Due to my laptop being well and truly buggered as was mentioned above, I am writing this on my phone now. Because it’s not all that comfortable to be writing articles and uploading them on my phone, I will be posting on here less often for the time being and once Retrograde is over, I’ll get myself a new Laptop. Although I’ll be posting here less, I’ll still be uploading videos to my YouTube channel regularly. Click here to visit and subscribe! 

Massive love for you guys! I really do love you! I hope that this Mercury Retrograde treats you well and that what I have shared here will ease the blow! Work with the energies available right now my friends instead of against them. Let their winds guide you to new lands of understanding!!

Aye the winds is strong and the voyage is long but we’ll profit in no small part from finding the drift she gifts us and we shall sail forth into calmer waters with our mind intact!

You’re amazing!

I love you!


Live, love and play!!