By two things happening tonight, I have been reminded of something rather beautiful. I’d like to share it with you. I was walking with my sisters boyfriend this evening and we saw a flash of blue in the sky. It was nothing short of extraordinary. Earlier on today I was sitting with a close friend and looking at YouTube videos of UFOs. Manifestation bells a-ringing! It has happened once before and but this time it was different. Just for a millisecond then it was gone. After a minute there was a rumble of thunder and I deduced that our rational minds – not being able to fathom the alien explanation manifested Thor’s hammer as a sort “believable” explanation. And for the skeptics, even if it wasn’t an extraterrestrial checking up or saying up then it was still a fantastic display of natural proportions. I mean, this thing lit up the whole sky.

Anyway, that happened. (This is where it gets real) Later on, I was sat on the toilet and I noticed there was a fly buzzing around the room. Now, I know we’re getting our first class British 4 weeks of summer at the moment so flies are prevalent. But, they’ve been buzzing around the house a lot lately. Usually when the fly decides that my head is good for flying close to, I shun them and sort of try to deter them with my hands and mutter frustrated remarks. However, earlier on while I was sitting on the toilet, this fly buzzed in and sat on the door frame. I look at it and it looked at me then it flew to the carpet. Harmless. At bliss, understanding the world.

I sat there in such a vulnerable state, all sat on the toilet. Most impactful things happen to me on the toilet. Oh! Toilet humour! Anyway, moving on. I was staring at this fly thinking… “Why would I want to kill it or get rid of it? It’s done nothing to me apart from try to fly in my ear while I was meditating. It was just exploring. That’s what flys do. They suss out the world. It’s not a spider looking all scary and ominous. It’s not a ‘daddy-long-legs’ looking to fly in my mouth while I’m asleep only to become a midnight snack and poison me. It’s just a fly. He’s chillin’ there and that’s fine by me.”

And then I realised. The feeling of the UFO sighting turned to a shrug of the shoulders by the sound of thunder. And the mere presence of a fly turned into a total understanding of the fly and compassion for it’s perspective. I have to say, the lens through which we look at the world plays such a massive role in how the experience of life is for us. If you find yourself walking the streets and see a flash of light and it feels like it’s an extraterrestrial, go for that feeling! If you’re sitting on the loo and you’re watching a fly chillin’ on your doorframe or even your carpet, go for that experience!

When it comes down to it, we make the big, small and the small, big. It’s all a matter of perspective. A choice of focus. A decision to indulge in a feeling, or a choice to limit it. This world is one full of awe-inspiring beauty when we look at the natural balance of things. It really is wonderful.

And so this time, when I say it, the feeling of what I’m saying I hope rings true… Namaste! Live to love and play! ❤