We all see the world in such very different ways. We all are gifted with a unique perspective upon birth. Although we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, we all hold such different perspectives. The person who lives next door to you has lived an entirely different life to you. Their family to them, your family to you and your family to theirs. Imagine the difference between yours perspective and mine, yours and other bloggers that you read, so on and so on. We could be sitting somewhere on the other side of the world to each other while you read this. There are a crazy amount of people here, all experiencing their own unique perception of life. There’s such a vast web of possibility in this world which encompasses the incredible scope of feeling within both negative and positive experiences.

From this I feel a deep sense of compassion arise because every single person on this Earth has had such heartache and such joy that no other person will ever know. We may have had similar experiences, but each is unique. While we are incarnated, we only have our singular perspective and nothing else to compare it to per say and so we can see that in everything anybody does… They are doing their best, their very best, to be and do what they feel is right. Even when they are driving you up the wall because they won’t listen, can’t listen or think they have an infallible truth which no other perspective can match up to. How would they know what it’s like to be you and feel as you? And of course the reason it’s driving us up the wall is because we have our perspective and aren’t able to fully know what it’s like to be them and have their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

20140619-011159-4319512.jpgWhat we do have though is this understanding. The feeling that implies we are all one. And as such when we are anywhere, doing anything, we are experiencing ourselves subjectively. Perceiving ourselves through the conduit that is the life thing that we’re always jabbering on about! And so if we are all one and we are all living our lives in the way that we feel is best and due to the subjective nature of the universe there are very few infallible laws which hold true within all perspectives, we can see that in this reality there is no “right” and there is no “wrong” and at the same time everybody is right and everybody is wrong. From this feeling; the compassion emerges. And this feeling of empathy with our fellow humans, my friends, I feel is the way forward for those of us who are struggling with others who facilitate our suffering. They are us anyway. They are us showing us ourselves! Sure sometimes in a beautifully twisted way that only we could come up with, but it’s still us. We are still the very same and in the same boat. And with this, we lead on my friends. Lead on by example and light the way!

(The effect of the Law of Attraction is one example of an infallible truth and within that we see that even if we don’t believe in it we will line up with experiences which shows us that it’s not “true.” Because the only “true” truth comes from within. That’s another law)

I hope this has been useful for you!

You’re wonderful! I love you!


Live, love and play!