As I walk the streets near my mums home where I’m staying at the moment, I see the same people doing similar things day in day out. Where once I’d have scorned these people for their 9-5 work-a-day lives and their routine, I now feel a sense of warmth. Why? Because when we live through a certain experience we become aware of a certain state of feeling. This gives us contrast of the other. When my life was heavily dominated by the 9-5 working mindset – in the pockets of my life that I have been in and around that sort of mindset – I thought lowly of it as way of life. I wouldn’t condone the stereotypical “works a job he hates to pay for a house that he barely lives in because he’s out working the job he hates only to have the weekend roll along and then go out and get drunk to forget how much he hates his life” sort of life. The stability that comes of it however is a stability that I admire and cherish when I feel it.

The contrast that I have to the regular lifestyle is that I have been travelling around England a bit for the past 6 months and so I don’t have my roots in any one place. I have friends in various places and family in others. As such, I have been couch/bed-hopping for most of the year. And now it’s coming time to settle down into a nest and think about making things happen with regards to my vision and my work. I feel as though in travelling and not having a more stable environment, it’s difficult for me to give my work the attention it deserves because it’s more important to figure out where I’ll sleep at a certain time and when I can earn money to pay for food and things like that. It can work and it has for a time, however, life is change and if we hope to cling to slippy rocks or driftwood we will find ourselves swept along by the current in time regardless of our efforts. The harder we cling, the harder the current flows. And so the path of least resistance is to see where the current takes us. And right now, the current is guiding me towards getting a house with some friends and doing my work full time so that then I can do the things I really want to do. And I find myself asking “What do I really want to feel?” And my answer is love and passion. In doing my work I have those feelings and in doing my work I am brought closer to those people who contribute to this feeling. Tell me in the comments below what you really want to feel.


When I see these people doing their lives I often expect myself to feel envious of them having this thing that I desire. It would be totally natural and justified if I did feel that way. But to be honest, I don’t. I feel like they are there in their lives which I am seeing as this bliss. They are showing me what it is like to have that sort of an experience and this helps me to cultivate the feeling inside of me which, in turn, encourages it’s manifestation in my life. It will all come in due course. As is within is so without, so I’m told.

What’s this work I speak of? My work is helping people one-to-one. I speak to people and listen to their suffering and help to guide them through a healing process where we blow the problem wide open and assess it for a solution which leaves everybody feeling invigorated and ready for more. If you’re interested in working with me, please by all means send me a message and we can connect. [click here to see package pricing] the packages are templates and can be adjusted based on circumstances. If I can help you, I’ll do whatever I can to do that.

As always my friends, move with the flow and you will see wonderful things. You are and so it shall be. When you move with the flow you allow yourself to become the truest, shiniest version of yourself. In all the nice feelings and all the sad, moving with the current of life is the conduit for authenticity. When we recognise our authenticity is when we step into our power because the reality of authenticity is that you can never really be inauthentic. You are always you. The perfect version of yourself. Like no other. I think there’s something beautiful about that. I see that in everyone of you that I speak to.

And so I mean it when I say, “I love you.”

Namaste ❤

Live to love and play