Me in my ‘birthday shirt’ – the gift I received from my Mum and family.

After a shift in vibration just before my birthday, I had an incredibly enjoyable day. I had a pub lunch with my mum, little brother, one of my sister’s and her boyfriend. It also happened that our waitress was an old friend of mine. This made the meal even more enjoyable. I also enjoyed some birthday reiki from my friend Silva in London. This played a massive part in the shift of vibration that occurred yesterday and the day before. Naturally, however, in order for a change to occur and withstand the test of time, certain other circumstances which upheld the older vibration and subsequent patterns must fall away. Today, I have noticed some of the more groggy frequencies of my older vibrational state eking back in. In an effort to perpetuate the more positive feelings I’ve been having of late and dispel the negative ones – I have been feeling more low than anything else lately and it’s starting to become tedious – I took to the I Ching.

I’ve been working with the I Ching for a number of years now and it always helps me. If you’re not aware of the I Ching, I’ll give you some insight into it. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese method of divination which allows us to glimpse the subtler vibrations in our field and calls us into action where disharmony is present. The I Ching is also called ‘The Book of Changes’ for this reason. Using the ‘Coin Method’, three identical coins are cast down in succession, six times. Whether the coins rest in a ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ position and how many of the three are in either position determines the appearance of one of six lines, each drawn above the previous. All lines are drawn horizontally. Two tails and a heads means a single straight line is drawn (—). Two heads and a tails means a broken line is drawn – one straight line with a small section in the middle missing (- -). Three heads means a complete line with a circle over the centre is drawn (-o-). This is called a Moving Yang. And three tails means a broken line with a cross in the space is drawn (-x-). This is called the Moving Yin.

In the reading I did today, I got two moving signs. One yin and one yang. For those of you who aren’t aware of what this means, I’ll explain the importance of moving signs now. Moving signs are a peak of intensity in an I Ching reading which indicate points of resistance. Moving signs indicate where a shift of mindset or behaviour should occur in order for our desired change to come into being. If we are to enact this shift then we will see things in our reality begin to change and align with the harmony we have our heart set on. When we receive moving signs in an I Ching reading, we end up with two different symbols or ‘hexagrams’ to read. The first is the hexagram with the moving signs in their initial ‘read’ position and the second is the moving signs transmuted. Moving YIN signs show us where we should shift our passive behaviour or mindset into a more active state. Moving YANG sings show us where we should shift our active behaviour into a more passive state.

The two hexagrams I got in my reading today are 64 – Transition (Before Completion) and 47 – Oppression (Exhaustion). Due to the position of the moving signs I received, 64 – Transition details the nature of my current position and 47 – Oppression detailed the shift that must occur in order for me to align with my desires. This is what 64 has to say about my current situation, oh and by the way the I Ching is literally ALWAYS dead on. Unless you have doubt, then LOA gives you more doubt. Hah!

64 - Transition
64 – Transition

“During transition, caution brings success.
A prick-eared old fox can cross the ice,
But the rash young fox gets his tail wet.”

This is to say that ruthless perseverance in the name of completion at any cost is a sure-fire way to end up in deep waters. Deep ICEY waters no less. It tells us that deliberation, contemplation and reflection are the prerequisite to success and through success; fulfilment.

64 goes on to say:
“Fire and water are opposites by nature,
So a wise man differentiates with care.
He separates things in order to unite them,
That each should find it’s proper place.”

Once again here, the message accents the necessity of reflection and deliberation in the face of change. Haste and carelessness in dealing with fire and water will see the fire extinguished or the water evaporated. In order to see our task through with all resources used efficiently and everything in it’s most harmonious place, we must first find a state of harmony within ourselves for the work we do to reflect. ‘To try to force completion is harmful.’ As such, we must allow things to reach their completion natural and practice effortless action (action through inaction) in order to help things along their way.

47 – Oppression (Exhaustion) is where my moving signs are and they show where my action must become inaction, and my inaction must become action.

47 - Oppression (Exhaustion)
47 – Oppression (Exhaustion)

The point of action to inaction (yang to yin) is “One sits oppressed under a bare tree: One strays into a gloomy valley.” By which it means that in the face of challenge and adversity, we must take to inner work to find the cause of the challenge. It also implies that it’s beneficial to keep on in the direction of happiness rather than to dwell where we stand in unhappiness. Keep building and generating positive feeling spaces relative to our life as opposed to allowing the “reality” of the situation to get on top of us. To allow the situation to get on top of us never serves us well. When it comes to shifting inaction to action (yin to yang) the I Ching tells, “Oppressed whilst at meat and drink.” It goes on to speak of the choices we make after we have satisfied to necessities of human life. It says to prepared in terms of inner and outer preparation for things to come. For me, this means becoming more diligent with my diet once more, and likewise, more diligent with my thoughts. Usually, we have a bedroom to reflect for us the state of our mind. At this time, I don’t have a bedroom to provide me with this service. Regardless, it is time to return to diligence when it comes to my thoughts, my surroundings, my food choices and so on.

What this means for me is, if I feel uncomfortable or unwelcome somewhere, leave. If I feel that a certain food will make me feel unwell or uncomfortable in anyway, don’t eat it. If a thought isn’t recurring and is causing me suffering, return to reminding myself of the red carpet treatment. It comes down to not giving my energy away to things which will not benefit me also.

It has to be said that I love the I Ching. It always helps me so much. Not always telling me things that I am unaware of, but reminding me of things and telling me things in such a way which shines light in the darkest places. Often light where there has been darkness for so long can damage the eyes. The light from the I Ching comes in such a way that no damage is done. It’s painless and brings so much growth. I guess that’s why they call it The Book of Changes and not The Book Of Excruciating Pain While Your Inner-Most Being Is Turned Inside-Out. Hah!

As I said above, I’ve been working with the I Ching for several years now and it always provides transformational results – unique and unparalleled by any other technique. If you’d like an I Ching reading, please feel free to contact me. I’m offering a special service for a short time only wherein you’ll receive a written transcript of what the I Ching says as well as a short private, personalised video with my advice based on the I Ching’s recommendations. For details on how to get yours, click here.

I love you!

Namaste! ❤

Live, love and play!


Me in the pub garden for my birthday lunch!
Me in the pub garden for my birthday lunch!
My mum and I on my birthday!
My mum and I on my birthday!